100%/Zero Guarantee

How can we care for all children of all species for all time? -William Mcdonough

Our Eco-Hero

John (our Purchasing & Inventory Control Manager) made a packaging improvement that saved the use of 1.2 million cubic feet of cardboard in one year!

Did you know?

The last remnants of our manufacturing process after all our recycling, repurposing & upcycling efforts, is turned into energy or repurposed for use in concrete production.

Feel Good

Zero landfill means that NOTHING from the creation of your order goes to a landfill.

New — Not your Grandma’s Guarantee!

Say hello to one of the most important landmarks of our 50th anniversary year, the 100%/ZERO Guarantee — a radical guarantee for stress-free shopping coupled with a deep commitment to the environment.

To be sure…you still get the same extraordinary wholesale prices, pro quality and customization options, the largest, in-stock selection anywhere and unspeakably fast turn-around time. Whatever has made you a fan (or is about to!), just got better. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase but we’d like to invite you to partner with us in this bold effort.

Zero Landfill meets 100% Guarantee

As a conscious business stake holding the potential of corporate culture on the planet, we’ve been seeking and integrating new ways to work in harmony with the environment. From the beginning, your creations have always been handcrafted to last. To further deepen this commitment, we pointed at an audacious goal: ensuring that nothing from the manufacturing of your order ever goes to landfill. And now (drumroll, please), as of April 2015 (fittingly, April is earth month!)… we’ve done it!

How is this possible...?

After a multi-year initiative to optimize all manner of recycling, repurposing, upcycling and waste reduction, the last remnants are sent to a facility where they are either turned into energy or repurposed for use in concrete production. So go ahead, bask in that golden glow after you’ve completed your zero landfill purchase with us.

How can you help us keep that golden glow going for all of us?

Because what we custom create for you can’t simply be restocked (like pretty much everything else you might order online), we invite you to partner with us in a shared commitment to the environment and a reduced carbon footprint.

  • DO ask for free samples over the phone, or order them online, if you have any wild needs to match color or finish (reminder: it is not possible for us to ensure your computer screen, or our catalog, is an exact color match for our materials)
  • DO double-check your measurements
  • DO appreciate the natural (and beautiful!) variation in color in any of our wood grain materials
  • DO use our online rendering tool to preview exotic possibilities – Personal Frame Shop (for when you already have art or are creating other wall décor, like cork bulletin boards, dry erase boards & more) and the Print & Frame Shop (for when you upload images for us to print for you)
  • DO ask our Customer Care Advisors for assistance at any time!
  • DO recycle your packaging or upcycle it with creative ideas from our Pinterest board

All of the above being said, in the very unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with your purchase, please return it within 45 days of the delivery date, and we will replace or refund the merchandise total of your order. For issues originating on our end or in transit, we will of course reimburse your shipping as well. (Please note: our new 100%Zero guarantee also means that the return process just got easier.)