Who We Are

Together, Let's WOW the world - One Masterpiece at a Time.

Fun Facts


Number of years Joan and Steve worked out of their Queen's NYC home before opening a retail location


Number of catalogs Lauri & friends would sort & label in high school

About Us

Bring Your Art To Life™
Pictureframes.com, the online entity of Graphik Dimensions Ltd.®(GD), is the premier source for all of your printing and framing needs. From grandmothers to galleries, schools to shops, artists to photographers, these are our family, our friends — our creative community. We proudly provide the largest selection of picture frames online, including custom frames, metal frames, canvas frames & much more to favor each and every framing need imaginable.

Beyond the picture frame, we offer fine art giclee printing, custom wall decor and specialized business services. And, because GD believes there is an artist inside everyone, these services are totally accessible to everyone in every corner of the world.


We're not afraid to take risks

At Graphik I work with the most diverse, creative, interesting, professional and caring individuals than I have ever worked with in any other organization. As a company we value collaboration and there is an equal balance of focus on the team as well as the individual. We have an exciting and vast array of opportunities in our product and service landscape, and while we're not afraid to take risks, we keep clarify, focus, and accountability in mind and create the definition for success in every choice we make.
– Sheryl, VP of Finance

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No one of us is as smart as all of us

At pictureframes.com we believe that no one of us is as smart as all of us. We solve problems by involving everyone from our operations associates to our executives. And I have never worked for a company that cares more for its customers, employees, partners and vendors. This is a unique and wonderful company with which to be associated. It is a great place to spend my workdays.
– Jamie, Operations Improvement Manager

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I have had the opportunity to grow

I have enjoyed working with Graphik Dimensions since 1998 and seeing the exciting changes that we have undergone... allowing us to adapt to the various interests of our customers. I have had the opportunity to grow professionally here and feel honored to be a part of the premier provider of framing services in the country. Our team's commitment to making each customer's interaction with us a memorable and rewarding experience is what motivates me to come to work every day.
– Rodney, Director of Client Services

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