Operation DIY: Jewelry Organizer

There’s nothing more annoying than digging in a drawer for your favorite necklace, only to find it wrapped up like a ball of yarn with other necklaces, your bumblebee bangle and your prized statement ring. Then you have to forget it, because you’re late and you don’t have a chance of untangling it in time […]

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Artist Spotlight: Kristin Try


Meet Kristin Try, the fabulous-mother-of-three-carpool-canoodling-canvas-adorning Artist behind Gingham & Grosgrain. Kristin caught our eye on Instagram  when she shared some pieces that she framed with us. Ever since we picked our jaws off the ground, we continue to be blown away with each new creation. We can’t wait to see what’s next! Kristin left a successful […]

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Why is my Acrylic Blue?


Imagine you’ve just gotten home to see your latest creation you made with us waiting at your door. You can’t wait to open it because you know it’s the frame you ordered to display the amazing family photo you’ve just printed. But wait, what’s this? BLUE ACRYLIC?? What am I supposed to do with a […]

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Daring to Decorate with Large Wall Art

When it comes to interior design, I’ve discovered a large landscape canvas, stately wall-sized mural or fabulously over-sized piece will bring an eye-catching look to any space. It can change the feel of not just any room, but your entire home. If you’re like me and adventuresome enough to take the plunge, I’ve got some tips […]

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Conscious Business: Green Business Grown Up

Sustainable Business

You’ve heard of “Green Business, but what about Conscious Business? It means we looked at each little step in the process of printing & framing our customers’ & clients’ orders, and actively sought out ways to reduce our footprint. After 2+ years of sustainability initiatives, stewarded by amazing Sustainability C4um (made up of members of our work […]

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