MEET JIM FORD Getting to chat with one of our favorites, Jim Ford, about his art and processes was such a fun and enlightening experience. There are so many layers to his lovely collage work, that to unpack even a little bit of the mystique of his dramatic style and meanings behind the playful names […]

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MEET LORI HERBST Looking at Lori Herbst’s work is a wonderful journey through time and space. She works primarily with vinyl fabric (yes, you read that correctly) bringing color, shape and texture into a realm many would never have imagined. Working out of a basement studio in her home, often with music blaring over the […]

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Artist Spotlight: Kristin Try


Meet Kristin Try, the fabulous-mother-of-three-carpool-canoodling-canvas-adorning Artist behind Gingham & Grosgrain. Kristin caught our eye on Instagram  when she shared some pieces that she framed with us. Ever since we picked our jaws off the ground, we continue to be blown away with each new creation. We can’t wait to see what’s next! Kristin left a successful […]

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