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Only available with standard & stretched canvas

Linen liners create a traditional fine art look for framing canvases and they provide extra support for larger canvas presentations.

LN1WT Linen Liners Small White Linen Liner
LN2WT Linen Liners Medium White Linen Liner
LN3WT Linen Liners Large White Linen Liner
LN1NT Linen Liners Small Natural Linen Liner
LN2NT Linen Liners Medium Natural Linen Liner
LN3NT Linen Liners Large Natural Linen Liner
LN1BK Linen Liners Small Black Linen Liner
LN2BK Linen Liners Medium Black Linen Liner
LN3BK Linen Liners Large Black Linen Liner
LNS2 - Linen Liner - Small Profile - Natural w/ Gold Fillet
LNM3 - Linen Liner - Medium Scoop Profile - Natural
LNM4 - Linen Liner - Medium Profile - Natural w/ Espresso Fillet