Foamcore/Corrugated Backing

Save even more with bulk pricing on Corrugated, Foam Core and Acid-Free Foam Core Backing. GOOD Corrugated Backing Board: The most affordable option, this backing will hold your artwork in place and protect it from bumps and scrapes when it's being handled. Perfect for: • Professional licenses that get renewed every year • Digital snapshots that can be easily reprinted • Inexpensive posters or commercially produced art BETTER Foam Core Backing Board: Now in a thicker 3/16" board, this premium backing board offers superior protection and longevity. Foam core is a great choice because: • Its extra rigidity is helpful when framing larger pieces • It has a higher level of protection for framed items than corrugated backing • Its white finish preserves the integrity of translucent artwork well • It can also double as a dust cover thanks to its neat, clean appearance • It works well for dry mounting objects to the backing BEST Acid-Free Foam Core Backing Board: Our finest backing board option, this superior acid-free composition is ideal for your most treasured pieces. Acid-free foam core is a great choice because it has all qualities of our regular foam core backing plus: • It provides maximum protection from environmental factors that can cause your pieces to degrade over time • It preserves your artwork for generations • It protects items that are impossible to replace such as: • Vintage family photos • Priceless artwork • Historic and heirloom documents Please Note: Our bulk backing board is now sold in smaller quantities, to make our bulk savings available at lower price points. Bulk Glazing is also available to complete your framing projects!