Expand Your Fan Base With Giclee Editions & Prints

  1. Reproduce your original with fine art giclee
  2. Let your fans acquire art that they love
  3. Enjoy additional revenue on a singular work of art, an expanded fan base and increased exposure

Order A Giclee Edition

Earn more money by creating limited or open editions using our state-of-the-art giclee printing technology. By offering a giclee print of an original, you'll:

Have the Ability to Enjoy Added Revenue on Every Work of Art

For starters, you have many more fans of your work than can actually afford one of your originals. By offering a giclee print of an original, you've enabled them to acquire art that they love, that can even be signed by you and is an extremely close representation of the original — available at a fraction of the price. They get to cherish something that you've created and you get to enjoy additional revenue on a singular work of art, as well as an expanded fan base and increased exposure. As a bonus, all of this brings more perceived value to your original... after all, if people are clamoring for editions, then your original must be striking quite a chord with your public!

Make Your Work Affordable for Everyone Who Loves It

Giclee printing also provides you with additional product price points, which are impacted both by the quantity of your edition (typically between 25 and 250), as well as the opportunity to offer the same work of art in more than one size so that anyone who loves your work can now afford it.

Hold Out for the Best Price on Your Originals

When it comes to edition quantities, the price of each edition increases as each one sells out. With fewer and fewer available for purchase, they have a greater perceived value and become even more precious. But the beauty of it all is that the quality of giclee prints is such that your 250th impression is just as precise and beautiful as your 2nd. Plus having so many price points for your work allows you to hold out for the best price on your originals.

Giclee's Cost-Effectiveness and Consistency

Giclee editions are also so cost-effective and consistent in quality and that you can order them as few as one at a time so you're not over-extended while you continue to receive orders from your clients. This keeps you liquid, so that you can invest in even more images that connect with your public. Of course, if you want to capitalize on even greater savings, you can always choose to order in volume and take advantage of Quantity Discounts, starting with just five editions!