Made In The USA

Made in USA

14"x8" Print in XAL3 Old Glory Silver Frame

Made in the USA is not simply a marketing slogan for us. It's a core value that drives every business decision. And it's worth every dollar to ensure employment for Americans, to foster pride in our team and to give you, our customer, exactly what you want.

Making sense out of every dollar spent

What began in Queens, NY, in 1965 continues to this day – only better. Because GD is where you'll find – at your fingertips – the largest selection of the premier custom printing and framing you demand for the value you want. And this is where you'll find the greatest number of printing and framing products exclusively Made in the USA.

USA Materials Sourcing, Employees & Production

Eco-Friendly Bubblewrap

Sourced Locally

The materials used to make and ship your premium quality frames meet specific eco-standards and are sourced primarily in the USA. If we can't find USA-based product that meets our standards (a rare occurrence), we will import while collaborating with US companies to innovate and become our vendors.

All USA Employees

One Big Happy Family

Our entire team is located in one place from our skilled Artisans who mindfully handcraft your orders to our Customer Care team who take your calls and make sure you're delighted. We collaborate daily to handle your questions and concerns in real time.

Made in USA Moulding

Wood For Good

All of the domestic wood moulding that makes up your frames comes from managed forests (no endangered-species wood or wood from protected forests is ever purchased).

USA Reclaimed Fence Board and Barn Wood

From Field to Frame

Upcycled materials come from US sources whenever possible. In fact, if you choose from our Barnwood Collection or Kentucky Barnwood Collection your frames are made from reclaimed fence board and barn wood found right here in the USA.

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