Our History

Graphik Dimensions Founders


In 1965, artists Steve and Joan Feinsod, founders of pictureframe.com’s parent company, Graphik Dimensions Ltd. (GD), launched GD from their home in Queens, New York, to bring affordable, fine-art-quality framing to their creative community. They had a strong word-of-mouth following and eventually were in such demand – from grandmothers, galleries, governments, Artists and Photographers – that it was time to set up shop outside the home. Then in 1992, with business booming, they relocated to the Craftsmanship Capital of the world: High Point, NC. The next two years were exciting: In 1999 they launched online ordering of custom frames – the first of its kind – now known as pictureframes.com, and then co-founded Woodlands 2000, an organization devoted to seeing more trees planted in the US than were being consumed by the picture framing industry. No wonder GD grew into the zero landfill company it is today.

Joan Feinsod
Steve Feinsod
Steve and Joan Feinsod


GD remains family-owned, run now by daughters Lauri and Robyn, Chairperson of the Board & Co-Owner and Creator of Opportunities & Co-Owner respectively, who took the helm with the goal of taking the best of their parents’ legacy and infusing it with the energy of a start-up. They brought everyone to the table, creating a culture of equal voices throughout the business, setting up an impressive business model of innovation and collaborative leadership. It’s not something seen much these days and everyone on staff will tell you we are simply one big family – an oft-overworn statement, but in our case, it runs deep and true. (Feature one of those branding videos?)

Our innovations have made great strides (see our "Bursting the Landfill Bubble" blog noting our journey with a supplier to create a first-of-its-kind 50% recyclable bubble wrap.) We’ve vastly expanded other areas within the company, all to continue our mantra of creativity and innovation, to become more nimble, and evolve more fully into an exemplary workplace, while making customers around the world our #1 priority.

Lauri Feinsod, Chairperson of the Board & Co-Owner

Robyn Feinsod, Creator of Opportunities & Co-Owner


As we continue to evolve with the core strengths responsible for our longevity, we are shifting from a product-focus to a values-focused business model, to how our products are created, who the people are who create our products, and what our impact is on the world as a conscious, sustainable business. Our bottom line is to do well, and do good, by uplifting people and the worlds they touch.