Our Culture - C4 Values:
Being a Positive, Uplifting Force on the Planet

Karen, in charge of payroll, gives a heartfelt account of the love she feels on a daily basis here at GD. Stay tuned for more clips from a larger short film about the culture of our company and how our values shape each and everything we do.

Our philosophy as a company reflects our belief in the potential of corporate culture to be a positive, uplifting force on the planet. Our principles exemplify the culture of our company in everything we do, and at every level; in our relationships with customers, employees, vendors, business partners and with our community — both local and global.

Graphik Dimensions Ltd. (GD) demonstrates our commitment to social responsibility through an explosion of C4 — Community, Consciousness, Collaboration and Creativity. We strive to live this reality with everything we do and every decision we make.


We work together in full collaboration, inviting the brilliance of our co-workers and supporting our mutual growth and evolution. Our collective knowledge and experience allows us to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, clients and partners. We find innovative ways to combine our individual talents, to share our ideas and celebrate our successes — because we know when we combine our strengths, the result is greater than what we could accomplish alone.


We believe that all people are creative, and each team member has a creative perspective to contribute. We open our minds to all possibilities and pursue the most vibrant ones with passion and drive. And with creativity at the helm, boundaries are nonexistent, enabling us to achieve even more than we have imagined.


C4 values

We share our day-to-day responsibilities and lives with people inside and outside our organization. We build lasting and productive relationships with team members, vendors, customers and the surrounding community adding value to each person with whom we connect. Recognizing our role in the global community, we are mindful of our impact and strive to do everything in our power to uplift the planet in a positive way.


Understanding how our behaviors and choices affect others around us, our customers and our community provides us with a sense of responsibility. Our drive for self awareness enlivens our on-going exploration of the possibilities that unfold when all the members of the Graphik Dimensions team embody true conscious leadership regardless of their position or role within the organization.