Our Core C4 Values

Consciousness, Creativity, Community and Collaboration

Consciousness, Creativity, Collaboration & Community

Who We Are & How We Create.

At pictureframes.com, we are inspired by the power we all share to boldly create meaningful spaces that enrich our lives. Guided by our values of creativity, consciousness, collaboration, and community, we partner with Creators of all kinds to make these spaces possible.

With gallery-quality and mindfully crafted framing and printing and a deep commitment to our customers, we are creating keepsakes for a life well-lived, so together, we create space to thrive. From the warehouse to the boardroom, we invite the brilliance of our customers, vendors and business partners into a collaborative partnership to consistently exceed expectations.

Conscious social responsibility.

True social responsibility demands we look beyond our local, regional or even national community and be mindful of our impact on the global community, to uplift the planet in positive ways. This is what drove us to:

  • Become a zero landfill company
  • Develop with a vendor a new kind of bubble wrap that is 50% recyclable
  • Provide craft tools for school children out of unused sections of frames

Some of these achievements are small, some large. All impact our lives and our planet in positive ways. We continue to explore what more can be done for all and to foster truly conscious leadership from every member of the GD team.

Values We Thrive By

Our culture of creative, conscious, collaborative leadership is personal. It's about health and wellness. It's about safety. It's about fun. These things are essential to human beings and at GD there's no expectation of leaving any of it at the door before you enter the workplace each day. In fact, creating a space within the workplace to foster these aspects of employee lives is essential. In the same way we seek to help customers create a space where art and discovery flourish, we encourage employees to do the same – with one another, at home and at work.

We believe creative expression is humanity’s super power and that all people are creative. With gallery-quality and mindfully crafted printing and framing, we enable Creators of all kinds to feel inspired and confident to make their vision a reality.

We believe in making better, buying less and loving more. That’s why we take great care to make our creations last a lifetime and ensure nothing ends up in a landfill.

We believe our world will thrive when we invite the unique brilliance of all individuals to work together. That’s why we invest in the wellbeing of our team members and connect with our customers as people, partners, and muses.

We treat every person like family and we’re inspired to make a difference in our local and global communities. We believe deep connections and human diversity are the launch pad for everyone’s greatest potential.

Redefining Business as Usual

Family-owned & operated since 1965. Founded by Artists for creators of all kinds.

Triad Family Business Award - 2017


Great Place to Work National Award


Triad Top Women-Owned Business Award - 2017


Sustainability Award


Triad Most Admired CEOs Award


Done Good Conscious Business Award


Manufacturer of the Year


Fast Growth Award