Framing Supplies

How do I order tabletop photo frames?

We have a variety of pre designed, all-in-one tabletop photos frames available here. You can also add an easel back to transform any of our frames into a tabletop treasure. Our easel backs are black with faux leather texture and are available in four of the most popular tabletop sizes: 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 and 8 1/2 x11.

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How do I clean my acrylic?

Our acrylic cleaner cleans, shines and protects your framing acrylic. It is anti-fog, anti-static, dust repellent and can be used on any plastic surface. Note: never use window glass cleaner when cleaning acrylic, as it may cloud the acrylic surface over time.

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When do I need to order canvas clips?

If you are framing a canvas, you may need canvas clips. If your canvas is deeper than the rabbet of your wooden frame (if the canvas sticks out in the back), canvas clips will hold the canvas in the frame. If this is not an issue, you can simply use the clips that come with your frame or framing kit. Our canvas clips come in one standard canvas size and do not apply to metal frames.

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I'm new to How does this work? is the online presence of Graphik Dimensions Ltd., which has been providing high quality framing at wholesale prices since 1965. provides several ways to shop for frames, to make it easy for you:

Personal Frame Shop lets you preview the final product while you make your matting and framing choices. Upload a digital image file of your art/photo (or use one of our sample images) and enter its size. Then feel free to try out endless combinations of single, double or triple mats and frames. You can even change wall colors so you know the presentation you create will look marvelous in its intended place of honor. Whenever you create a presentation you like, store it in My Gallery and keep experimenting. Then you can compare presentations and prices side-by-side in My Gallery to make your final choice. My Gallery stores your presentations in your personal account and you can save the images to print out or share with friends via email.

Print & Frame is your secret weapon for great gifts, one-of-a-kind decor and more! Imagine creating fine art quality prints, matted and framed, complete in a custom ready-to-hang presentation, all from the convenience of home! Upload a digital file of your art or photo, and you can watch it take shape as you create a masterpiece presentation from our huge selection of mat and frame options. Special tools let you edit your image, enlarge and add fun filters. You can select from a wide range of quality print surfaces, from photo paper and watercolor paper, to real canvas and beyond. Our prints are made using the latest giclee technology for amazing detail and rich color — previously available only to professional artists and photographers — and they'll last a lifetime without fading. Create your very own work of art!

Custom-Made Frames, lets you order your choice of frame, cut and assembled to your exact specifications to an eighth of an inch. always gives you the best deal — all of our Custom frames are available in Ready-Made sizes, and if you order a Custom frame in a Ready-Made size, our site automatically swaps your Custom frame for a Ready-Made, so you always get the best price possible!

Ready-Made Frames is where you'll find all our pre-assembled frames in popular sizes. Our selection of Ready-Made sizes fit most standard-size photo prints, documents, awards, certificates and canvases. Ready-Made frames are the same superb quality as our Custom frames, but you save even more! Many of our Ready-Made frames are also available in Custom sizes.

Metal Frames is where you will find a dazzling medley of colors, profiles, and tones made of the finest alloys available. All our metal frame mouldings are not only beautiful, but exceptionally sturdy and custom made to your exact specifications, with every attention to detail, by our skilled craftspeople.

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How do I size my mat correctly?

We offer custom-cut mats for uncommon image and frame dimensions. The easiest way to construct a single, double or triple mat order is to use the Personal Frame Shop. This allows you to choose an accompanying frame for your mat(s) and preview your presentation as you create it.

To be sure your sizing is accurate, simply measure the article to be framed and subtract 1/4" from your mat window opening. So, if you're framing something that's 12"x15", you'll want to order a mat with a window opening of 11 3/4" x 14 3/4" (this will assure overlap, so that the item you're framing will not fall through the window). Choose your favorite color mat, decide on the width you find most visually pleasing and our system will calculate the rest.

We also offer pre-cut mats for the following image sizes:

  • 5 x 7
  • 8 x 10
  • 11 x 14
  • 16 x 20

Each pre-cut mat size corresponds to a standard image size and a standard frame size for maximum savings.

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When do I need to order a Framing Kit?

A framing kit enables you to quickly, easily and inexpensively finish your framing project in the same way a professional would. The kit includes:

• Clear or non-glare acrylic
• Foamcore or corrugated cardboard backing

Hardware (hanging wire, screw eyes and retainer clips) is included with every frame order. Order a Framing Kit only if you want or need backing and glazing.

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What are the benefits of using acrylic instead of glass?

Acrylic has the same clarity and protects artwork from fading like glass, but is shatter resistant, lightweight and easier to handle than glass.

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