Red Picture Frames

Are you ready to get Red-y in your space? With the versatility to fit modern spaces, rustic rooms and upscale, ornate styles, red picture frames are a bold and beautiful choice for wall collages, paintings, cork boards, alumni homages and so much more.

Modern Red Picture Frames
Rustic Red Picture Frames
Cherry & Mahogany Picture Frames
Red Frame Ideas
Bold Red Picture Frame

Modern Red Picture Frames

There's a reason that hot rods whoosh around racetracks in bright, revved-up red. It's a color that is both very vibrant and versatile. That's why these modern red picture frames can perfectly add a sleek, bold look to your walls, or some lively joy to your children’s room décor. Pair them with any other primary colors for a powerful color pop!

Rustic Red Picture Frames

Barnwood red is a tradition that dates back through the history of the American landscape. With these rustic red picture frames, you can enrich your space with the best of farmhouse style. From distressed wood frames made with real reclaimed barnwood, to rich plein air frames perfect for landscape paintings, you'll easily find a new favorite frame with this heritage hue.

Cherry & Mahogany Picture Frames

When Mother Nature wants to dress to the nines, you can bet she'll be wearing a shade of cherry or mahogany. With a richly vibrant beauty, these darker and more natural shades of red bring class and mystique to your framed masterpiece. Stand out in style with a cherry picture frame around family photos, or an ornate mahogany picture frame for your wedding portrait.

Red Frame Ideas

Create a Red Frame Cork Bulletin Board

Create a cork board with this CUL3 wide profile red frame from our Country collection for displaying and swapping out your child’s latest creations or pinning papers and to-do lists to keep you organized.

Custom Cork Board in Red Frame
Frames for School Colors

Show Off Your School Colors

Do you bleed red? Well, technically we all bleed red. But some of us bleed school color red! We have a lot of variations of red frames to match your particular high school, college or university red tones.


Frame Your Paintings in Mahogany Plein Air

This Plein Air Royale frame has a beautiful, rich mahogany finish with red tones peeking out. Complete your painting masterpiece with this PEM6 Artisan-made mahogany frame sold exclusively at

Painting in Plein Air Mahogany Frame
Diploma, Degree and Certificate Framing

Frame Your Diplomas & Certificates

Show off your achievements in our top customer favorite pick for framing diplomas. This deep cherry frame features a curved profile, delicate motifs along the edges and a narrow gold inner lip. Add a mat to really make your diploma, degree or certificate have the greatest impact and help protect your hard earned accomplishments.


Create a Red Frame Wall Collage

Artistically frame black and white photos in red frames to create a unique photo wall collage that really stands out. You’ll be so distracted by your amazing wall collage, you’ll forget to tell your cat to get off the table.

Red Picture Frame Wall Gallery Collage