How Do I Make a Return?

100% Guarantee: If something went wrong, we'll make it right.

  1. For a refund or replacement, please call Customer Care at 800-332-8884. Please have the following information handy in order for us to process a refund or replacement: name on your order, order number, reason for returning, the last 4 digits of your credit card and CVV number used to place the order. For Customer Care hours, view our Contact Customer Care page.

  2. A friendly team member will issue your return label with our special discounted shipping rate to save you a few bucks. Then just ship your item back to us in the original packaging. It’s eco-friendly, not to mention easy-peasy.

  3. We will issue your return within 3 business days, but sometimes credit card companies can drag their feet on their end. So in the meantime, you can binge-watch a couple seasons of your favorite show. One billing cycle later, voila! The credit will be back in your account.


  • Returns are available within 45 days of the delivery date
  • The cost of the return label is deducted from your refund
  • The original shipping charge is not reimbursed
  • If we make a mistake - we will replace your item at no charge to you.

Return No-Can-Do's:

For clearance (WX) items, we can’t provide samples, returns or exchanges. If you receive a damaged clearance item, we may not be able to replace it, but our super-friendly Customer Care Team can help you come up with a just-as-awesome back-up plan.