Graphik Dimensions Ltd.

May 11, 2020


  • Legacy Printing, Framing, Wall Decor Company Donating Acrylic Intubation Boxes to Help Protect Healthcare Professionals
  • Innovative Team Recalibrates Core Strengths to Save Lives
  • Conscious Business Practices Drive Expansion of Customizable Essential Services

Graphik Dimensions Ltd. (GD), an industry-leading custom fine art printing, framing and wall décor company, is further expanding its essential service offerings with the donation of acrylic intubation boxes. These critical medical devices help protect Doctors & Nurses from exposure to airborne disease when they are intubating patients. Marrying their core strengths to core values, GD conducted rapid prototyping in collaboration with regional Anesthesiologists, Pulmonologists & ER Doctors. These intubation boxes are now available nationwide to hospitals and healthcare facilities who are in short supply, and in need.

“We’re always living the question of what it means to embody conscious business, and we’re so proud of our extended Team’s ability to rapidly innovate – and, in this moment, in ways that can even save lives,” said Geo Krieg, President and CEO of Graphik Dimensions Ltd., parent company to internationally recognized brands Graphik Printworks and GD’s commitment to communities has included donations to ethical, sustainable organizations, arts education, breast cancer awareness, universities, and other non-profit groups. Most recently, the company donated custom acrylic safety barriers to local homeless shelters to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and hundreds of tabletop frames, so that one hospital could surprise COVID-19 patients with pictures of their loved ones.

From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the company expanded production of essential products such as acrylic safety barriers, social distancing floor decals, and custom signage that can be ordered by businesses to help them keep their communities safe. “Nimbleness in customization, innovation and product development are core strengths of our organization,” says Rodney Suggs, VP of Business Operations. “It’s a great feeling that we’re able to get these essential products into people’s hands when they’ve needed them most.” In keeping with the company’s ethos, the intubation boxes can be outfitted with a variety of optional features and are available in both adult and children’s sizes. Donation requests can be submitted to Rodney Suggs at 336-289-7970 or to the company’s business solutions team at

Graphik Dimensions Ltd. is a zero-landfill company that has been a dynamic, values-driven industry leader in fine art printing, framing and wall décor since 1965. Driven to explore the vast potential of employee empowerment and corporate culture as an uplifting force in the world, the company is host to a family of brands, including, Graphik Printworks and USA Salvage. The company is a family and majority woman-owned business and is guided by its “C4” values of Community, Collaboration, Consciousness and Creativity. They are devoted to printing, framing, upcycling and making the world a more beautiful place. Visit for more information or call 866-662-3373.

Visit for more information or call 866-662-3373.