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37 Framing & Printing Gift Ideas – Our Ginormous Gifting Guide!

October 19, 2020 / Buzz, Create

There’s nothing quite like being filled with the sense of joy that comes with a gift giving season. That is, until your eyes scroll down your gifting list to find that one person you don’t know how to gift to. Yikes! We know the feeling. That’s why we’ve created a whopping list of 37 (yes that’s right) gift ideas for just about every person who might be on your list.

So, tap back into that spirit of giving and get ready to light your creative fires with our GINORMOUS Framing and Printing Gift Guide.

For Family & Loved Ones

For Kids (& their Parents) – Framed Kid Art

Framed Kid Art

Masterpieces made by the tiniest hands deserve to be cherished forever. The finger paints and crayons and glitter make for the most precious pieces of art you’ve ever seen, but these materials can fade over time. Keep them preserved, by using archival mats and UV protective acrylic. Add a raised mat to create some space between the art and glass so feathers, noodles and beads have space to shine. And try using a fun, colorful frame that will compliment your child’s uninhibited imagination.

For Mom - Framed Silhouettes

Framed Kid Art

How do you find a gift that expresses your gratitude to the woman who has been amazing from the start AND THEN gave birth to your children? Seems like an impossible task. So, go for something that tugs at her heart strings with framed silhouettes of the kids. Silhouettes are a classic gift because they freeze a moment in time while the kids are young and don’t mind some snuggle time. It makes for something beautiful and eternal.

For the Family Man or Woman – Family Crest Print

Family Crest Printed on Wood

There really isn’t a gift that can compare to that feeling of pride that swells in the heart of a true family man or woman. A great way to honor them is to give the gift of family. The crest, that is. There are many places online to find your family’s crest, a heraldic and historical representation of the family name. Hang it high above the mantle as a print on wood, or make it a memento they can keep on their desk with a rustic tabletop frame.

For the New Parent – Shadowbox of Birth Memorabilia

The emotions for a new parent are all over the map. It’s a fun time, but full of that beautiful chaos. As such, it’s easy to forget to keep track of some of the little things along the way. A stunning gift choice for new moms and dads is to create a shadowbox of memories of the child’s birth. Shadowbox frames are the perfect Christmas picture frame choice and can be filled with birth announcements, first family photos, an ultrasound picture, an inspirational quote. It’s a gift that’s more about helping the parents remember when that might be the last thing they have time to think about.

For the Newlyweds – Framed Wedding Portrait

Wedding Photo in Gold Ornate Frame

Here’s something you won’t find on the registry. A framed wedding portrait is a gift that can really stun the new couple. That first year can be full of figuring out little things like what kind of toaster oven to buy or what color to paint the living room. Gift them a spectacular portrait of the happiest day of their life in an ornate frame for them to hang in that living room, and they might not be so worried about choosing between taupe or off-white.

For the Grandparents – Frame Their Legacy

Family Crest Printed on Wood

You’ve probably had to smile for a ton of family pictures over the years, but don’t brush this one off as a typical gift. Getting the gang together gets harder and harder as time goes on, so having them all in one big photo, printed in high definition and framed boldly, is an elegant and heartfelt way to represent the legacy of a life well lived.

For Your Bestie – Cross-Stitch Needlework

Custom Framed Cross Stitch

No one knows you like your BFF. As such, when it comes to finding a gift for your bestie, you’ve got real chance to get them something super unique. Cross stitch needlework might sound stuffy and old-fashioned at first, but I assure you it’s anything but. Get your hands to stitching some funny messages, hilarious quotes, or inside jokes and your forever friend will surely be in – wait for it – stitches.

For Your Boo – Typographical Love Messages

Custom Framed Cross Stitch

It’s not easy to become fluent in the language of love. But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t try. For your sweetheart, there’s perhaps no greater gift than a reminder of how you feel. Typographical prints are an elegant and modern way to enshrine your love forever. The presentation possibilities are limitless, with plenty of perfect Christmas frames or holiday frames that will work. And if you need help whittling it down, try some designer curated looks as well.

For the Angsty Teen – Art with Attitude

Custom Framed Cross Stitch

After living through the teenage years, it’s easy to empathize with those that carry a bit of angst. Or even a lotta bit of angst. High school is hard. Show them that you understand with some fearless framed art. Whether it’s their favorite band’s photo, a typographical phrase, or just a big, bad, bold art piece, it’ll be a gift that speaks (and maybe screams) their language.

For Friends & Colleagues

For Your Boss – Framed Whiteboard/Chalkboard

Custom Framed Whiteboard Chalkboard and Corkboard

Gift like a boss FOR your boss. Frame a whiteboard, chalkboard or corkboard for a gift that they’ll love to decorate their office with and will help them keep things running smoothly. Better yet, go the extra mile and create a command center with all three. They’re sure to be impressed with your gift giving performance. No guarantees it helps you get a bonus, though.

For Your Teacher – Custom Wall Art “Thank You”

Custom Framed Whiteboard Chalkboard and Corkboard

Teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the world. Suffice to say, the ol’ standby gift of an apple just won’t cut it anymore. Gift your teacher something they’d love to hang in their space or their classroom. A custom thank you note with nice typography on a high quality print in a holiday picture frame is a gorgeous way to remind them of why they do what they do.

For the Pet Lover – Tabletop Frames of Their Pets

Custom Framed Whiteboard Chalkboard and Corkboard

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves their pets, then you guessed it – we’ve got the purrfect one. They’ll probably tell you that they’ve already got the best gift in the world in their furry friend, so why not give them exactly that? Tabletop frames are a great way to present those wonderfully candid moments with Fido and Fluffy all throughout a space. Plus, they come in a variety of styles and in packs of three for even more gifting pet-tential. Head over to our blog on all things pet framing for more pet photography framing ideas.

For Your Quirky Friend – Off-the-Wall Photography

Dry Erase Board on Red Frame

If you’ve got a wonderful wacky friend, you gotta go for an equally eccentric gift. No need to be shy. Funny photography, absurdist designs, and abstract art presented in wildly vivid frames are just the thing for your friend that marches to the offbeat.

For Your Friend with a Start-up- Logo Prints

Getting a new business off the ground takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Behind their logo is a lot of sweat and labor, so you can be sure it means something to them. Give them a gift that celebrates that effort with a print of the logo on metal or wood. It’s a piece of art that is more décor for their home space than marketing for the storefront.

For the Dreamer – Framed Classic Paintings

Van Gogh Print in Wood Frame

Behind all the greatest pieces of art, poetry, music and film was someone who dared to dream big. Gifting a piece of art that influenced generations is perfect for the person who tends to keep their head in the clouds. Framed prints of Van Gogh, Monet, Kahlo and O’Keeffe are classic, beautiful gifts that will remind them to keep dreaming. Try an ornate style if you’re looking for that perfectly magical Christmas picture frame.

For a New Homeowner – Framed Mirror

Custom Framed Whiteboard Chalkboard and Corkboard

At some point, every new homeowner feels a little overwhelmed. Setting up a brand-new place to live can be tough. Nothing helps turn a home into a haven quite like a framed mirror. A big, beautiful mirror opens up the feel of a room through light reflection and the appearance of more space. It’s a gift that will help make their home all the way Feng Shui.

For the Homesick – Framed Photography of Home

If you’re lucky enough to have a place you call home, it doesn’t matter where you live – you never really leave. But it’s always good to be reminded of the place you long to be. Whether it’s a neighborhood street, a familiar landmark, or just the sun setting over the backyard, a photo of home in a traditional frame is an elegantly simple, classic gift. You don’t even need an expensive camera. Just take a picture of home and immortalize it in a framed presentation.

For Enthusiasts

For the Chef – Grannie’s Famous Recipe

Framed Recipe Gift

Emeril Lagasse, Rachel Ray, Wolfgang Puck… all the best chefs were once little kids running around their grandma’s kitchen and learning from the real master. Every single one will tell you that even they can’t make it like their Oma, Nonna, Babushka. Whether you’ve got a budding chef in your life or a true head of the kitchen, a framed presentation of their grandmother’s greatest recipe is a highly personal, truly unique gift.

For the Car Lover – Vintage Car Ads

Custom Framed Whiteboard Chalkboard and Corkboard

Have a seat inside a fully remodeled classic roadster and you’ll see how easy it is to quickly become a “car lover.” It’s all about the nostalgia. Great cars are eternal and make us want to relive the glory days when they ruled the road. For the true fan, give them a piece of the past to keep on the wall forever. We recommend an archival mat and front to preserve truly vintage newspaper clippings, and one of our Speedway Frames with REAL auto paint finishes.

For the Traveler – State Slogan Souvenirs

Custom Framed Whiteboard Chalkboard and Corkboard

For the “California Dreamer” and the “Virginia Lover” you know, give them a framed reminder that this land is their land from the Pacific shores to New York island. Or, since hitting the road and seeing the sights the world has to offer is a feeling like no other, gift them a print they can really feel with their favorite state slogan printed on wood , metal or acrylic!

For the Sports Fan – Framed Stadium Pictures

Framed Stadium Photo

The sound of cheers swelling in the seats around you, the smell of hot dogs and fresh grass, the buzz of the lights at a nighttime game – you can’t really gift those things. Or can you? High definition photography of those iconic stadiums across the world are just about as close as it gets to being right there in the action. So if you really want to knock one out of the park (you knew that pun was coming), gift them a print and frame presentation of their team’s home field.

For the Movie Lover – Framed Movie Poster

I’m guessing you’d be hard pressed to find a person who didn’t like movies. But some people LOVE movies and for that person, you simply cannot have enough movie posters (I know, because I am that person). Throw it back to an 80’s actioner, throw it even more back with an entry from the Golden Age of silent film, or stay on the pulse with the hottest new film that their wall has yet to showcase. A sleek black frame makes for a classic movie poster choice, but there’s whole host of poster frames that will suit the needs of any film fanatic.

For the Wine Aficionado – Wine Patent Art

I like to drink the occasional glass of wine, but I recognize that I’m a far cry from a true wine lover. Their dedication to the juice of the vine is all about the craft. An awesome homage to the process of wine are these patent art printables that illustrate the history and heritage of wine making. Print and frame them in a real reclaimed barnwood frame for a truly down-to-earth presentation.

For Makers

For the Conscious Creator – Framed Tree Ring Print

Tree Ring Photo in Custom White Frame

We believe wholeheartedly in a Consciously minded approach to business, creativity and everything in between. So, we love it when we find a Creator that shares that love of earth with us. A great gift for them is a print of tree rings framed with an upcycled wood frame made of reclaimed barnwood. After all, botanicals are a gorgeously green way to add a natural vibe to your space, and is currently on trend. Read more about botanical décor in our blog.

For Artists – Framed Flyer for Their Art Show

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” – Henry Ward Beecher. Suffice to say, art is a profoundly personal creative experience. So there’s a lot of pride that goes into putting on your own art show. For the Artist you know, a framed presentation of a flyer for their art show is a uniquely personal gift that will memorialize their accomplishments.

For the Photographer – Framed Photo from Their Muse

Every Artist that has ever created something, especially the masters, have all been influenced by those that came before them. That photographer you know may have a style all their own, but I’ll bet they owe a part of it to their greatest muses. Have a high definition print made of a photo from their favorite artist and gift them a fine art presentation in a festive holiday picture frame that will let it shine.

For the Edgy Artist – Framed Tattoo Prints

Tattoo Art Framed Gallery

Art is perhaps at its best when it’s unafraid. The bolder the risk, the bigger the impact. One of the oldest and most clearly fearless artforms is the tattoo. For that bold visionary who lives on the edge, gift them a series of framed tattoos ranging from classic to modern style. It’ll add some serious tattitude to their space, and you could even turn it into a gallery wall.

For the Graphic Designer –Pantone Color Posters

Graphic design is an art form all its own, and color plays an integral role. Color never goes out of style, but adding bright pops of color to your space is a modern trend. Framing a pantone poster in a sleek poster frame is both a stylish décor choice, but also a tribute to what they do every day.

For the Crafting Connoisseur – Photo in an Unfinished Frame

Scissors, paint, construction paper, and glitter (oh, so much glitter) – the list of tools for a Crafting Connoisseur goes on and on. For that glue gun toting, creative magician in your life, there’s perhaps no better gift to give than the one they can put their personal stamp on. Print a photo they love and gift it to them in an unfinished wood frame that they can paint and accessorize their way!

For Hobbyists

For the Music Lover – Framed Sheet Music

Custom Sheet Music

Music is a gift to us all. So it’s truly hard to go wrong when gifting a song. Find their favorite tune and have the sheet music printed and framed for them. It’s the most tangible way to give the gift of music, and a very personal memento that should have them singing your praises.

For the Yoga Master – Framed Zen Meditations

For all the downward facing dogs and warrior poses one does on the mat, yoga does as much or more with the mind. Zen is a melding of mind and body, and meditation is a way of achieving that focus. Gift your yoga buddy a way to keep their mind focused by framing Zen meditations for them. Try a Scandinavian style, natural-toned wood frame for that Lagom vibe, which is keeps the Zen in the space and won’t distract from their calm and focus.

For the Tinkerer - Framed Patents

Framed Diagrams

Know someone who just can’t keep their hands off gadgets, gears and gizmos? Give them a gift that satisfies their curiosity with patent prints. There are some delightfully strange and totally awesome patents out there, and they make for fascinating art pieces. Print them on wood for an authentic feel, or present them in a barnwood frame for a down to earth vibe.

For the Collector – Shadowbox Frames

Framed Diagrams

From antique hunters to stamp collectors and everything in between, there are many types of collectors. It’s a very personal hobby that might make it pretty difficult to gift for. So, give them a stage that will let their prized possessions shine. Shadowbox frames are a graceful way to present collectibles of all sorts both large and small.

For the Mad Scientist –Light Micrograph Print

Print Framed in White Wood Frame

A light micrograph is a picture of a tiny organism taken through a light microscope. It’s an often potently colorful picture that illustrates the itty bitty building blocks that make life so beautiful. When enlarged, they make for absolutely stunning wall art. Print one on acrylic for an eye popping and brain tickling gift for your scientifically-minded friend.

For the History Buff – Framed Tartan

Framed Diagrams

The root word of history is “story.” It proves that whatever lessons we can learn from the past, they’re a part of who we are. So for the true historian in your life, a gift that reflects both their interest and their life might be is ideal. The tartan dates back to the mid 1700s of Gaelic culture, and is representative of family roots. You can now custom design a tartan with colors that they will love and frame it make for a perfectly personal gift that they can preserve for all of history.

For the Science-Fiction Fan – Framed Fan Art

Pop Art with White Mat and Red Picture Frame
Original art by Justin Lee

Set your gift giving phasers to stun and drop the jaws of that star trekking, force awakening sci-fi lover you know by framing fan art from their own hand or from an artist they love. Fan art is a genre all its own, and there are some simply stunning and wholly unique pieces out there to be found. A framed print of their favorite story is a gift that’s totally out of this world. Still stuck for an interstellar idea? Here’s 14 other gift ideas for your geeky friend.

For the Bookworm – Framed Print of a Book Cover

Pop Art with White Mat and Red Picture Frame

“Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high…” Books can take us anywhere, so it’s no wonder that some of us get obsessed with them. For that friend that you’re surprised can lift their nose from the page long enough to, you know, eat and sleep, frame some classic book covers for them in delightfully ornate picture frames. It makes for a fun, textural homage to their greatest love in life.

Once your frametastic gift has found its new home, we’d love to marvel at your gift-giving prowess! Post your Christmas frame or holiday frame gifts, your birthday barnwood floaters and your powerful print presents on social media and tag it with #framingjoy for our Creative Community to see.