Why is my Acrylic Blue?

May 5, 2016 / Learn

Picture Frame Acrylic Protector Sheet

Imagine you’ve just gotten home to see your latest creation you made with us waiting at your door. You can’t wait to open it because you know it’s the frame you ordered to display the amazing family photo you’ve just printed. But wait, what’s this? BLUE ACRYLIC?? What am I supposed to do with a blue covering? Acrylic is supposed to be clear!

If this happened to you, trust us, you’re not the only person who was baffled at first. Not to worry! What you’re actually seeing is a blue film placed onto it in order to keep it brand new on its way to you. It peels right off. It’s nice and easy! Check out the video below to see how it’s done.

Pro tip: wait until you are completely ready to place your artwork into the frame before you peel it off, and use it before any dust can get on it. Normal household window or glass cleaner will cause acrylic to become cloudy over time. Using acrylic cleaner will help keep your art in the best shape possible for everyone to enjoy.