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Displaying & Grouping Wall Art

August 17, 2017 / Decorate

Picture Frame Wall Collage
Image: HGTV Magazine

We were recently featured in a HGTV Magazine feature article about displaying wall art. And I loved the ideas shared, but I wanted to expand and share more ideas with you! When it comes to wall art and framing pieces, there are so many possibilities, coming up with a design and getting it onto your walls can be a bit daunting. Never fear! We’re here to share a couple some tips on displaying and grouping wall art, since we are total nerds for the subject.

Art Hanging Holy Grail

The most important advice we can give for hanging your beloved artwork is to hang it “At 60 inches on Center.” Translation: The middle of the artwork is always at 60 inches, which is eye level.

Diagram of How to Hang Your Picture Frame

The only real big no-no: never hang your pieces diagonally, except over stairways. (Because the artwork would no longer be at eye level, tsk-tsk).

Let Your Walls Do the Talkin’

You can get creative with your walls just by hanging a few pieces of art or your favorite photos. It’s a great way to let your walls tell everyone how awesome you are while you sit silently, staring at your insanely gorgeous art display.

Now, the easiest way to pull any group of wall art together, whatever the color, size, or subject matter, is by framing them all similarly. We want cohesive, not chaos, folks. Simply, choose the same mats and/or frames for an overall sense of consistency.

Photos printed and framed in Blue Picture Frames with White Mats
Image by Customer, Sherri N, featuring our CW2 frame.

Looking for drama? Try grouping your art collectively for a more stylish effect. For example, hang common themes together, typography pieces together, oil paintings together, B&W photography together and more!

Small Pieces, Big Impact

There’s safety in numbers. Instead of placing small pieces of artwork all alone on a big wall, hang them together. The effect is quite intriguing. It draws people in to investigate each piece individually. Choose mats in lighter colors and slender frames, so as not to overwhelm the miniature works of art. When you hang your group of frames, leave less than the width of the frames themselves between each frame. This way, they’re nice and cozy. Not to mention, super-professional-designer-looking.

Bigger Better Together

Large room = large artwork. To balance vast spaces, group pieces in even numbers. To anchor furniture, group your piece in uneven numbers. This technique offers volume without overcrowding, but be careful not to display your large pieces too far apart, 2-3 inches, max! Once again, once and cozy. This tip is as crucial as the “60 inches at center” rule, and key to achieving the Pinterest-worthy look for your wall.

Get A Gallery Look

If a crisp, clean museum effect is what you’re after, imagine a line at that ever crucial 60 inches above the floor stretching across the wall. You’ll center your art along this imaginary line. Choose sleek, black gallery frames and large white mats for presentation. (psst, we can help you with that with our Print & Frame Services) How far between frames you ask? That ever important 2-3 inches.

And when hanging multiple sizes in a gallery together, always put the larger piece on the left side of the group. It’s proven more aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

Photos Printed and Framed with Large Mats in Bedroom
Image by Customer James P, featuring our BLKBLS frame.

No Picture Needed

With or without something inside, frames make beautiful artwork all by themselves! And since we have the widest selection of frames in the Universe, you can find the look that expresses your unique style, wink-wink. Hung all by their lonesome or layered on the wall, gilded, painted or rustic barnwood, frames provide a simple and creative way to add depth and texture to your walls.

Take a Triptych

Think outside of the frame. One image may be too awesome to be contained in a single frame. So build it out over multiples! Work with our team to print your images in portions, frame them separately; hang them in a row to create a stunning triptych. (not to mention a focal point and conversation piece!)

Triptych Canvas Paintings in Canvas Floater Frames
Image by Customer, Artist, and Designer, M. Red.

Embrace Eclectic

Going for a curated look? Go all out! Great for kids rooms, family rooms or anywhere you want a fun, bohemian feel. This technique is informal, inviting you to play with a mix of frames, plaques, 3D art, mirrors or whatever your imagination can conjure. Large and small, squares and circles, sculptures and sconces. If you love it, display it and soon you’ll have a wall you can’t take your eyes off of!

Got a wall display you love? Don’t hold back, we wanna see how you express yourself through your walls. Share #FramingJoy!