Fresh, Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Family Who’ve Got Everything

September 29, 2017 / Decorate, Create

When you get someone in your family a gift they truly love and appreciate. Ahh, how amazing is that feeling? You high-five yourself mentally all the way home, riding the wave of self-awesomeness all year long. Until you have to think of another great idea. Uh-oh.

After years and years of giving gifts to family, we can run out of steam, energy, ideas. Case in point? The year you gave Aunt Phyllis a third cat needlepoint pillow. Whoopsie.

In short, we lose our gift-giving-mojo. Sigh. Happens to the best of us.

But you can say “Adios” to re-giftable gifts and gift-giving-anxiety for good, all while reclaiming your gifting throne. Check out our fresh, fun gift ideas for family that will have you getting the happy-dance reactions you crave for years to come. Let’s just say no one will be saying “you shouldn’t have” and meaning it. You get to show you care, show off your creative side and deliver a thoughtful memento that’s designed especially for them, from you.

Plus, with pictureframe.com’s high-quality craftsmanship and vast array of styles and looks, you can trust their creative gift will look fabulous today, tomorrow and always.

Fine Art Fun

Painting in Gold Canvas Frame in Livign Room
Art by Artist & Customer Jessica Pence, featured in our CFL3 Gold Leaf Floater Frame

For the HGTV fan in your fam, an abstract piece of canvas art displayed in a floater frame makes a trendy statement piece. Incorporate their favorite colors, a frame style that fits their décor or maybe even an artist they’re into. It’s an intriguing update for their living space and major cool points for you.

Pop Culture Present

Vintage Posters in Custom Sized Black Frames
Shared by Customer Karin F. to our Facebook Page

Show you’re in the know. Track down an old concert poster, piece of concept art from their favorite show or a book cover they treasure. Frame it in a sleek black frame and white mat to let them know you’re up on what interests them!

Fanatic Finery

Framed Sports Jersey

Sports fanatic in your family tree? Turn a nostalgic jersey, autographed baseball or any sports memorabilia into a gorgeous shadowbox. It’ll make a great trophy for anyone’s man (or woman) cave.

No Missing Pieces

Puzzle Framed Red Mahogany Frame
Featured in a Red Mahogany Frame

Quit puzzling over what to get the board game lover in your life. Get a complicated puzzle of a place you’ve visited together or image they love paired with a beautiful picture frame to match. Take the time and effort to complete the puzzle together, then frame it and hang it on the wall to remember the project you did together.

Go Postal

Grey Driftwood Collage Photo Frame
Featured here in our 2BW4C57 Driftwood Collage Frame

Assemble a collage of postcards from places that hold fond memories for you both or just to remind them of their special travels. Then choose a frame that complements their décor and personality. Elegant, funky or rustic. One thing’s sure: the thought will count!

Typographic Tribute

Inspirational Poster in Custom Poster Frame in Bedroom
Shared on Instagram by Abbe F of Studio Ten 25, featuring our SA5 Black Frame

Do they have a motto or mantra, favorite movie or book quote? Turn the words it into a modern typographic poster and frame it in their unique style. It’s an amazingly simple and thoughtful way to create something special that fits seamlessly into their décor.

Collection Reconfigured

Framed Spoon Collection
Melissa of SuperNova Wife gave her spoon selection an update with an SA5 Black Shadowbox Frame

Matchbooks, pub coasters, ticket stubs and more. Have a family member who’s been meticulously building a collection? Give their prized possessions a new display or makeover like Melissa of SuperNova Wife by designing a gorgeous shadowbox to showcase their collection and give it a modern update that helps it shine!

Respect Your Elders

Vintage Family Photo in Silver Frame
Featured in our 7BK Black and Silver Frame

Create an instant heirloom by rescuing beloved family photos from dusty boxes and old photo albums. We always mean to do something with them, but usually never get around to it. Give these prized pics a protected, prominent place to be appreciated by preserving them with our archival framing for generations to enjoy. It’s meaningful décor that also takes a load off of their to-do list!

Other unique family gift ideas? We’re all ears. Let us know other amazing gifts you’ve made with our picture frames! Or if you try your hand at any of these awesome ideas, we’d love to see the finished product! Share them with us on social media by using the hashtag #FramingJoy.