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How to Easily Bring 2019 Décor Trends to Your Space

March 21, 2019 / Decorate, Learn

Take a spin around the web at the beginning of each year and you’ll find dozens of articles and blogs introducing you to the newest trends. Not gonna lie, it’s kind of hard to stop reading them. They light an inspirational fire that makes me want to move everything out of my house and start all over. Thing is, most of us just can’t do that.

So how do we bring a trend into our space without having to hold a yard sale for our entire house? It’s easier than you think. And with a few flourishes here and yes, a frame or two there, you can quickly and affordably give your favorite room a trendy meets timeless vibe.

Minimalist & Sustainable

Minimialist Interior Style
Featuring Our FB3 Frame

Back in my college days I would easily classify my décor as “minimal.” Somehow, I managed to survive with just a couch, a coffee table, and something to put my TV on. Good times. So, it’s easy to see the term “minimalist” and start conjuring up those days of dorm rooms and Cup-o-Noodles. Thankfully, keeping a minimalist décor style in your space isn’t about the bare minimum. It’s all about focus.

The goal is to emphasize the things that matter most in your space. Like the Marie Kondo method of finding what “sparks joy” to you, a minimalist approach takes the best parts of your décor and makes them the star. Start with a single, large framed print for your wall, and try matching the colors of the print to a few key pieces in your room. Use sharp lines for added clarity, limit your accessories to the ones that matter, and don’t be afraid of adding some color accents.

Choosing décor choices made from sustainability sourced materials also mirrors the intentionality of the minimalist style, and is why they often go hand in hand. Upcycled wood fiber frames are made from wood that was once destined for the landfill and can be found in just about any style. So while you make your space look good, you can do some good for this world we all call home.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style Picture Framing

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Well, it’s kinda both. Bohemian style is gaining some ground in the trend talk, but the reality is it never really went away. It’s a style that evolves with tastes rather than laying dormant for long periods of time. In other words, it’s easy come, easy go, making the Boho style one that you can incorporate into your space without much trouble.

For starters, get ready to mix it up. Bringing some vintage pieces into a modern space is gaining popularity right now. Boho is for the bold, after all, and an eclectic vibe never apologizes. Fill your space with texture via wallpaper, linens and rugs, or a chunky ornate frame that feels antique. Uniquely shaped mirrors also reflect the Boho spirit and add a little more light into the room. Combine one or all of these ideas and you’re on your way to something Galileo, figaro, magnifico!

Gold & Nature

Gold Picture Frame
Featuring Our GT2 Frame

Are you ready for this little nugget of awesomeness? Gold is in! And this time it’s bringing friends. Like an old prospector finding treasure in the hills, we’re getting down to earth with this style for a refreshing sight for your space. The key here is crowning your space with gold accents and natural, earthy tones that combine for an elegant, breathable look.

Light wood furniture pieces in shades of birch or maple look graceful next to a gold light fixture or tabletop frame. If you have a gold centerpiece in your room like a chandelier or table, balance the equation with a natural wood picture frame on the nearest wall. Even if you don’t have a room primed for some gold glory, focusing on incorporating these tones will start to bring a brighter vibe into it.

Color Splashes

Colorful Picture Frames
Featuring Our PAC3 Frame

You may have heard of the 60-30-10 color scheme rule of thumb. It basically says 60% of your room should be your main color, 30% your secondary color, and 10% your accent color. But as angsty teenagers and rebellious rock bands will tell you, rules were made to be broken. It’s time to walk on your wild side.

Throw the percentages out and bring some bold jewel tones in. Rich reds, powerful purples, gorgeous greens – when you accent, do it with bravado! There’s no more room for grey areas, literally or figuratively. Treat your walls as a canvas to paint some personality into your room. Instead of a neutral frame, go bright and beautiful with vibrant frames that expands your color palette. Yes, it’s trendy, but it’ll also make you feel terrific about your space.

Gallery Walls

Gallery Wall Picture Frames

Can I just say how gaga I go for gallery walls? I guess I just did. But seriously, there’s nothing quite like the symmetry and sizzling sophistication of a gallery wall. Best of all, this might be the easiest trend to bring to your space. Since a gallery wall is a collection of frames in any style, all it takes is the right spot in your space to get started.

Are you looking for a modern, clean style? Go with a triptych set of frames in a solid, matching color. Cultivating an electric, eclectic vibe? Mix and match frames your way, or get started with a curated set of various styles. Whatever your taste, gallery walls give you the opportunity to tell a story that becomes the focus of the room. And that’s something that will always be on trend.

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