How to Easily Bring 2021 Décor Trends to Your Space

February 15, 2021 / Buzz, Decorate, Learn,

Normally, new years mean new chances to infuse our spaces with fresh approaches. And for 2021, which follows that infamous year-that-shall-not-be-named, it’s safe to say we’re all hungry for some real changes.

Right on time, this year’s trends bring us looks that ground us and reconnect our lives to the welcoming arms of nature’s beguiling beauty. Here are some easy ways you can bring 2021 trend to walls, rooms and beyond.


Rustic living space of the cottagecore style with wood print and large picture frame on wall

Unless you spend a lot of time in cabins in the woods or binge watch episodes of Little House on the Prairie, you might not immediately recognize the what’s-old-is-new-again style of cottagecore. Something tells me you might find it homey and comforting all the same, as the goal of cottagecore décor is to make you feel one with nature.

You can start with wood prints of nature, or just bring nature itself into your space by framing dried flowers. Handwritten letters or recipes capture the reconnection vibe of this style and look great in antique style picture frames. You can also bring in wood grains with wood picture frames, or use Mother Earth’s preferred color palette with green picture frames in any style.

Rustic Vogue

Rustic vogue decor styled room with barnwood style picture frame on white brick wall

If you’re looking for a style that says earthy but keeps Mother Nature outside, let me introduce you to rustic vogue décor. It’s basically cottagecore dressed up for a dinner party, pairing the organic imperfections of the outdoors with a more formal and sleeker look.

The goal is to add just the right amount of that weathered feel to your space, the likes of which our hand-distressed farmhouse picture frames are tailormade for. On another side of the style spectrum, antiqued ornate picture frames offer a worn look with patina wash that’s super elegant and down to earth.


Mid century modern style room with wood picture frame on the wall

At some point a décor style crosses the line from trend to timeless look. Where that line is and who makes it is a conversation for the ages, but when it comes to vintage style, we’re here to honor the things that last the test of time. That time-bending feeling helps us feel more rooted where we live and work, which is why vintage is making yet another comeback.

Don’t try to carbon copy any one style but pay homage to it by pairing favorite vintage items with textures and colors that call back to a bygone age. Wood tones like those found in maple picture frames are great to use, with wood grain picture frames also adding ageless texture that’s essential to incorporating this style.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Multi functional work and living space with modern decor

Remote work has fast become the norm for many of us. After all, I’m writing this blog from my bedroom. Suffice to say, we need the make the most out of our spaces, like, yesterday. Thankfully, there are many ways to not only make things functional but also stylish and inviting.

The key is to keep things simple and make every piece of décor count. Choose a few meaningful pieces to frame and place strategically throughout the room. Metal picture frames help your pieces pop without taking center stage. But your best multi-functional décor tool might be framed mirrors, which help a room feel more open and illuminated. And the style selection of picture frames for mirrors is essentially limitless.


Woman drinking tea on her bed in front of a rustic barnwood picture frame

The best feeling you can have from any space, especially in your home, is reconnection. You walk in, you shake off the day, and you find yourself feeling more grounded. That’s the aim of eco-chic. It takes us to the core of who we are, giving us a visceral zen by connecting us to our planet in real ways.

This style uses a hefty dose of sustainably sourced resources and pairs it with natural colors like olive, sage, and gold. You can upcycle or repurpose pieces like using real barnwood picture frames plucked right from a farm across the country. Or print photos of nature with acrylic prints that are so vivid it looks like you can reach out and touch each piece.

Yellow & Gray

Dark grey bedroom wall with two yellow picture frames on it

Pantone was evidently so excited to move on from 2020 they gave us not one but TWO colors of the year for 2021. Yellow and gray could both command attention on their own, but pair them together and goodness, you’ve got a winning combo. Gray does the grounding, yellow does the shining, and we’re on our way to an illuminating look.

You can take this trend and certainly go straightforward with it by using either yellow picture frames or gray picture frames on your wall. But let’s mix it up a bit, shall we? Frame yellow-forward prints in black ornate picture frames. Accent a gray wall with a gallery wall full of white picture frames. Try printing natural yellows or grays from nature on sleek, metal prints.

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