How to Measure Artwork for a Frame

October 11, 2023/ Buzz, Learn,

Measuring Artwork for Framing

Measuring your artwork is a straightforward and critical step to ensure your frame fits flawlessly, highlighting your artwork to perfection. Here are some simple steps you can follow to make sure that when you get your frame, the piece fits like a glove.

1. Gather up your materials: You'll need a measuring tape, with Imperial measurements, or a ruler, a pencil, and a piece of paper to note down the measurements.

2. Lay the artwork flat: Place your artwork on a clean and flat surface, making sure it is fully extended and not bent or curled.

Measuring Artwork for Framing

3. Measure the artwork dimensions: Measure the height and width of the artwork using the measuring tape or ruler. Always measure from edge to edge, not from the frame's inner lip. For canvas art, ensure you are measuring from wrapped corner to wrapped corner, in inches, for your final measurement.

4. Note down the measurements: Write down the measurements you just obtained. For example, you might note it as "Height: X inches" and "Width: Y inches."

5. Determine the frame size: Now that you have the measurements, you can determine the appropriate frame size. Our frames are sized based on the dimensions of the size of the opening in frame. For the best fit, the frame size needs to have the overall dimensions of the artwork. Make sure to also account for matting you might want to include in your piece. Note: The lip of the frame will cover the art work slightly, if a border is not used.

Measuring Artwork for Framing

6. Choose the frame size: Based on the measurements and the desired border size, select a frame that corresponds to those dimensions. Check out the Shop by Size section of our homepage if you wish to shop for the size first, versus the style or type of frame.

7. Double-check: Before finalizing your purchase, double-check the frame's size to ensure it matches the dimensions of your artwork.

Remember that the frame's size also depends on personal preference and the style you want to achieve. For more complex framing needs or irregularly shaped artwork, you may want to contact our Customer Care who can guide you through the process and offer custom framing solutions. Customer care number is (800) 332-8884.

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