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Acrylic Intubation Boxes to Protect Medical Professionals

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Doctor in Hospital with Face Mask

Acrylic Boxes to Prevent Airborne Droplet Exposure

Acrylic Intubation Box Front View

Provides unrestricted movement during intubation process

Acrylic Intubation Box Back View

Different sizes available for children and adults

Acrylic Intubation Box Side Opening View

Optional features include side ports with rotatable circular cover

Protection During Intubation

  • Prevents exposure to airborne droplets & aerosols when intubating patients
  • Sanitize with 70% alcohol solution and soft cloth
  • Optional acrylic clips for attaching sheets or covering
  • Two sets of arm holes for unrestricted movement
  • Side ports complete with rotatable circular cover
  • Made from durable 1/4" clear acrylic
  • Easily deployed at point of use

We’re DONATING Acrylic Intubation Boxes Nationwide

We want to help fight COVID-19 and protect Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals. For Donation Requests, Call 877-367-2689 or email Business@pictureframes.com