Crafty DIY Gift Ideas to Personalize with Your Favorite Picture Frames

September 29, 2017 / Create, DIY

Framed art, prints and pics are always excellent gift ideas. But when it comes to coming up with totally unexpected gifts that’ll blow your favorite peeps away, you can also think outside the frame.

In other words, frames don’t always have to be used to create wall art, they can actually be the art! That’s right people. We’re exploring our crafty side and you get the reap the benefits. We can’t take all the credit, though. There are some uber crafty folks out there! And we’re always amazed by the creative, clever and downright ingenious things people do with picture frames. In fact, frame crafting has become its own underground art form. And best of all? These easy-to-pull-off projects make fabulous homemade gifts (but we won’t tell if you steal them for yourself too!).

The Gift of Greenery

If you’ve visited Instagram, Pinterest, or even the Garden section of your local hardware store lately, it’s no secret a little succulent stash is quickly becoming a leading must-have piece of home decor! Take the work out of making a gorgeous planter for a friend and do the DIYing for them.

Grab a deep, canvas-friendly frame (like this one!) and create a succulent wall garden for your sweet. It’s easy to make, fun to create and stunning to look at. Plus, it’s a living, breathing thing that brings the outdoors in and brings a little more life to a space. How cool?

DIY Succulent Frame Planter
Finished Picture Frame Planter featuring our Old World Canvas Frame

This beautiful gesture is full of a lot of heart and soul, not a lot of moolah. And we’ve got a great way to DIY it with our frames.

And hey, if your Secret Santa is seriously lacking a green thumb, faux succulents look great too!

Opulent Organization

Can’t fathom another sterling silver purchase for the jewelry lover in your life? This year, you can custom-create a jewelry organizer that will put all their beloved bling on display. All while making it super-easy to sport accessories from day to day.

DIY Barnwood Frame Jewelry Holder

This is a great DIY because it so easy to customize it. Select the different number of pegs or hooks to include based on the jewelry collection it will hold. More rings? Go for more pegs. Your loved one love to layer statement necklaces? Then, pick more hooks to match the frame. And of course, select a frame that exactly suits their style. Sleek and modern, ornate and old school, rustic and barnwood ? Choose a frame that fits your friend’s fancy and jump over to our previous DIY post!

A Not Boring Board

It might seem an unusual thing to gift, but who doesn’t find themselves wishing they had a handy corkboards in the bedroom to post notes and photos? A chalkboard in the kitchen to keep track of the shopping list? And wouldn’t it be great if it matched the decor of the room?

This is a wonderful gift for a teen newly acquainted with college dorms and class schedules or newlyweds planning out a new home.

Custom Framed Corkboard
A custom corkboard created with our RSP3 Barnwood Brown Frame

Beyond picking a frame in their favorite color or to match their decor, pair with some matching pushpins or personalized magnets. Stick a few photos of the two of you and great memories as the cherry on top and a simple organization board becomes a completely thoughtful and practical present.

Ingenious Entertaining

Looking for something unique for the hostess with the mostest? A stylish one of a kind tray that can sit atop a coffee table or carry a scrumptious charcuterie might just do the trick.

Glam, rustic, modern or traditional. Whatever your friend, relative or coworker’s style, constructing a handy and stylish tray out of a frame is a gift idea that packs some major wow factor. Create a chic gift without the West Elm price. The happy recipient will be serving up snacks, coffee and an awesome conversation piece. We even have an awesome DIY for creating one out of made-to-order chalkboards.

DIY Cheese Tray

Now, don’t be afraid to really get creative. Maybe even create the tray out of a chalkboard so your giftee can write on the tray. Or create one with multiple tiers so it can be used as a display for pastries and other delicious treats! It’s a useful gift that your loved one will thank you for for years to come!

DIY Tiered Food Serving Tray
Tiered Picture Frame Stand DIY from What Treasures Await Blog

Wrap it Up

Not only are these gifts non-traditional, they’re all practical gifts your loved ones will continue to enjoy for years to come, remembering you and appreciating your handiwork! Ready to win the office gift exchange? Get crafting! And share your creation with us on social media with the hashtag #framingJoy.

And don’t hold out on us! Got a great DIY you don’t see on our list! We want to hear about it. Tell us in the comments!