We’re DoneGood Approved! Learn How You Can Be Too.

September 14, 2017 / Buzz, Learn

Did you know that pictureframes.com is a DoneGood certified company? We were so honored to join the impressive group of DoneGood businesses earlier this year. So we wanted to share a little more about the mission DoneGood is undertaking, and why we’re excited to be a part of it.

Don’t know DoneGood?

DoneGood Company Founders
Scott and Cullen

DoneGood was founded by the two handsome fellas above, Cullen and Scott. Together, they had a goal to make it easier to find and identify businesses holding themselves to a higher standard. They wanted to make it easy to support companies that were making high-quality products, treating their workers well, and not poisoning the planet. In short, people that were not only focused on making profit, but also “doing good.” And thus, a great idea came to life. Through Harvard’s incubator, iLab, the DoneGood app was born

By downloading their App or Chrome browser plug-in, you can discover DoneGood approved companies while you shop. Their platform will also alert you to businesses with less preferable practices, and offer DoneGood approved alternatives. Shopping for something specific? The app will even allow you to filter for businesses that specifically align with your principles to ensure that you’re supporting those that share your beliefs. And in a small way, help you support the causes and social change you care about. And before you know it, you’re making the world a little better by buying something you needed anyway!

DoneGood Mobile App

What Makes a DoneGood Business?

In their words, a DoneGood business is a company that is on a mission to prove that you can build a successful business and make the world better at the same time. There is not perfect science to doing this, but they have a few qualifications they look for in partners.

DoneGood Service Features

And they do their research! It is not only about certifications! While certifications are considered, they take a more holistic approach to ensure a company is qualified. They do their research, talk to company founders, and look at expert opinions and feedback from their own loyal DoneGood community. All of this data is combined to determine whether a company qualifies. Finally, if they do become certified, the app will show you the different ways they were found to be DoneGood.

Pictureframes.com DoneGood Approved

You can even recommend businesses for them to consider on their website. They are always looking for new businesses to vet, and they prefer suggestions to be from the community that they trust.

How to Get Involved

We encourage you to check out the DoneGood app or download the Chrome browser extension. Beyond helping you find business that share your beliefs, it might help you score the occasional discount too! They partner with many of the approved businesses to offer promos and discounts to those shopping through their App (you might just find one while shopping pictureframes.com). We’re so proud to be a partner in this community. We love the way it is bringing more that care about diversity and sustainability to our Creative Community! We know you’ll love the products and businesses you discover amongst our amazing DoneGood peers.

Did you find us through the DoneGood plug-in? Welcome! Let us know down in the comments. And of course, share any gorgeous masterpiece you create with us on social with the hashtag #FramingJoy!