Create a Custom Chalkboard

Custom Framed Chalkboards: An Ever-Changing Canvas for Your Imagination

• Choose from hundreds of custom framed chalkboards to fit your style and space
• Beautiful DIY chalkboards for everything from inspirational chalkboard quotes to getting organized
• Perfect for your home, office, restaurant, wedding decor, and much more

Inspirational chalkboard quote in black picture frame hung above sofa.

Creative Chalkboard Menus

Whether it's for your next dinner party, to keep meal planning on schedule or highlight specials at your cafe, custom chalkboard menus are perfect for adding personality and functionality to your foodie needs.

Cute, personalized chalkboard wedding decor in rustic frame.

Stay Organized Like A Boss

Grocery lists, to-do assignments, playdates. Oh my! Using a custom framed chalkboard will help you keep life easy while bringing style to your space. Our DIY Chalkboards allow you to select from hundreds of frames so you can pick the one that'll make you say, "WOW".

Get Inspired with Chalkboard Quotes

From cute love notes to a birthday chalkboard message, starting the day with a handwritten thought can make a Monday morning feel like a Friday afternoon. Turn a plain space into a focal point with a chalkboard quote to remember.


Wine list chalkboard menu framed and displayed in restaurant.

Chalkboard Wedding Decor

It's the big day! Make it yours by adding unique details throughout the ceremony and reception venues. Try adorable wedding chalkboard signs with the day's schedule, create chalkboard art to prompt guests to share on instagram, or include your favorite quote to fit the love that's in the air.

Household grocery list written on custom chalkboard in gold picture frame.
Back to school chalkboard photo prop.

Chalkboard Photo Props

Every photo shoot needs a fun prop! Use framed chalkboards when capturing those memories like the first day of school, engagements, graduations, birthdays and so much more. From fun quotes to pregnancy countdowns, the possibilities are endless.

Inspirational Chalkboards

Please call 1-800-332-8884 to order any Custom Chalkboard over 32" x 40".

* Our chalkboards are suitable for regular chalk (not markers) and are not magnetic. Eraser not included.