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All Eco Friendly Frames

All Eco Friendly Frames

Upcycled, reclaimed and all about Mother Nature.

Natural overlays, re-purposed barn wood. These frames come in a variety of finishes but have one thing in common.

  1. Narrow Gold Rope Picture Frame WX656
    starting at $29.84 Special Price $22.38
    4 Star & Up
  2. Traditional Cherry Picture Frame WX645
    starting at $46.12 Special Price $32.28
  3. Beaded Cherry Picture Frame WX639
    starting at $37.12 Special Price $25.98
  4. Cherry Wood Grain Picture Frame WX647
    starting at $37.12 Special Price $25.98
  5. Scratched Gold Wood Picture Frame WX548
    starting at $37.12 Special Price $20.42
    5 Star & Up

Stylish Sustainable Picture Frames

A classic option for hanging photographs and paintings, wooden eco-friendly picture frames offer a truly special, rustic-style touch to your home décor. The unique characteristics of wood frames, and more specifically recycled picture frames, provide a distinctive look that other frames simply cannot replicate. The subtle weathering and knotholes throughout this collection of sustainable picture frames give it an unrepeatable character that adds depth to the picture within.
Find a variety of frame types, including plein air frames, canvas floaters, and more, all offering unique textures to help you best complement your home décor with recycled frames: from antique eco-friendly frames to distressed, metallic, and exposed wood grain recycled frames.

Carefully Crafted Eco-Friendly Picture Frames

You might be surprised to learn where we find some of the sustainable materials that make our wonderful products. From reclaimed bamboo, tobacco leaves, and salvaged barnwood, to cotton husks, eco-aluminum and even seashells, pictureframes.com considers our environmental impact with every sourcing decision we make. With a total 100% of our wood coming from reclaimed, upcycled, sustainably managed sources, our commitment to Mother Earth runs deep. What’s more, to reduce our carbon footprint, more