Aristocrats and Rustics

Aristocrats and Rustics

Say That 5 Times Fast

Rustic doesn’t get much more sophisticated than this. Natural wood frames with weathered finishes are complimented by built-in linen liners to crank the elegance up a notch. No wonder Professional Artists love them so much!

Peter Piper would pick a pair of these pretty canvas favorite frames for any family photo or fine art print.

  1. 10 Walnut w/ Gold Frame
    10 Walnut w/ Gold Frame
    starting at $25.00
    4 Star & Up
  2. 4RA Weathered Whitewash Frame
    4RA Weathered Whitewash Frame
    starting at $20.25
  3. DC Antique Gold Frame
    DC Antique Gold Frame
    starting at $25.00
  4. EC Provincial Maple Frame
    EC Provincial Maple Frame
    starting at $25.00
  5. HC Silver w/ Turquoise Frame
    HC Silver w/ Turquoise Frame
    starting at $25.00