Oval Frames

Oval Frames

Outside the Box

Whether you love a classic look or something totally modern, these oval frames give you both! Canvas friendly with a style all their own, this collection invites you to leave ordinary behind for your next framing project.

Elegant and eclectic, oval frames are a unique way to present fine art prints and vintage photos.

  1. 2OV Walnut Frame
    2OV Walnut Frame
    starting at $38.75
  2. 3OV Black w/ Gold Frame
    3OV Black w/ Gold Frame
    starting at $38.75
  3. 4OV Ornate Gold Frame
    4OV Ornate Gold Frame
    starting at $85.25
  4. 6OV Brushed Gold Frame
    6OV Brushed Gold Frame
    starting at $42.75
  5. 7OV Brushed Silver Frame
    7OV Brushed Silver Frame
    starting at $42.75