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Open Hearts Tabletops by Jane Seymour

Open Hearts Tabletops by Jane Seymour

Heartfelt Signature Designs

Class and beauty are fully on display with these tabletop frames featuring Artist, Designer and Actress Jane Seymour’s Open Hearts design. We are proud to be the exclusive online source for these gorgeous frames.

Warm and elegant, this collection is full of sophisticated choices for family photo presentations.

  1. 2JHMT Gold Frame
    2JHMT Gold Frame
    starting at $87.80
  2. 2JHST Gold Frame
    2JHST Gold Frame
    starting at $50.50
    4 Star & Up
  3. Black Table Top Picture Frame With Open Heart Design 3JHMT
    3JHMT Black Frame
    starting at $61.46
  4. 3JHST Black Frame
    3JHST Black Frame
    starting at $35.35
  5. 4JHMT Silver Frame
    4JHMT Silver Frame
    starting at $61.46
  6. 4JHST Silver Frame
    4JHST Silver Frame
    starting at $35.35