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Eco-Friendly Picture Frame Favorites

Eco-Friendly Favorites

Green Thumbs Up to These Frames

If less is more, then the low environmental impact of these mindfully-made, upcycled presentations pack some serious punch. These favorites leave little impact on nature, but an undeniable impression on your space.

This collection helps all walks of life lessen their footprint when framing family photos and art prints.

  1. Bailey
    starting at $124.86
  2. Barnes
    starting at $70.05
  3. Beckett
    starting at $100.53
  4. Cooper
    starting at $124.86
  5. Cornell
    starting at $109.33
  6. Emerson
    starting at $77.19
  7. Marcel
    starting at $78.03
  8. Pablo
    starting at $53.02
  9. Pierre
    starting at $77.19
  10. Renee
    starting at $70.05
  11. Salvador
    starting at $73.41
  12. Vincent
    starting at $90.52