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Framing Supplies

Framing Supplies

The Whole Kit & Caboodle

You have a project, we’ve got the tools, supplies, wire, mats and maybe even a kitchen sink (we’ll check inventory). Whatever framing dreams you dream, we’ll help you find everything you need to make them come true.

Find that one thing you’ve been missing or stock up for the future. It’s all here.

  1. 2 oz spray bottle of acrylic glazing cleaner
    Acrylic Cleaner
    starting at $5.20
  2. Acrylic Cutter
    Acrylic Cutter
    starting at $8.35
  3. Canvas Clips
    Canvas Clips
    starting at $1.35
  4. Hanging Wire
    Hanging Wire
    starting at $24.10
    4 Star & Up
  5. Easel Back Picture Frame Stands| pictureframes.com
    Easel Back Picture Stands
    starting at $1.75
    2 Star & Up
  6. Conservation Tape
    Conservation Tape
    starting at $12.55
    4 Star & Up
  7. Fletcher Point Driver
    Fletcher Point Driver
    starting at $94.95
  8. FlexiMaster Point Driver
    FlexiMaster Point Driver
    starting at $99.70
  9. Flexible Framer's Points
    Flexible Framer's Points
    starting at $22.00
    3 Star & Up
  10. Wax-Free Stacked Points
    Wax-Free Stacked Points
    starting at $19.90
  11. Protective Corners
    Protective Corners
    starting at $31.45
  12. Corrugated Backing Board
    Corrugated Backing Board
    starting at $26.95
  13. Bulk stack of foamcore
    Foam Core Backing Board
    starting at $45.95