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Custom Picture Frame Mats & Liners

Mats make your pictures shine for greatest impact, but they also serve a protective purpose. Mats create space between your picture and the acrylic or glass front for air to circulate which prevents condensation from building up that can cause mildew or buckling over time. To put it lightly, they’re kinda miraculous.

Picture Frame Mats

Mats in Every Size & Color

Mat Swatches

We offer decorative mats, acid-free rag mats, decorative suede mats, metallic mats, acid-free suede mats and oversize mats in colors from white to black, yellow to purple and everything in between. Standard mat sizes go up to 32" x 40". Oversize mat sizes go up to 40" x 60".

Become a Matting Master

Guide for Choosing Mat Width

Choosing Your Mat Width

Wider mats emphasize the art while creating a highly professional, gallery-quality presentation. We recommend a mat at least twice as wide as the width of the frame.

Abstract Art with Bottom Weighted Mat and Black Frame

Bottom-Weighted Mats

Bottom-weighting means making the bottom mat width slightly wider than the top, left and right sides to compensate for an optical illusion that happens where your bottom mat width looks narrower.

Photo with Yellow Frame and Blue and Yellow Mat

Color MATching

It’s best to choose a mat that complements the artwork, not everything around it. Choose a mat no lighter than the lightest color within your art, no darker than the darkest & no brighter than the brightest to add to your art.

Photo with White Frame, Red and White Double Mats

Double Mats

Consider using white or a neutral color on top. Then, for the "reveal," (the inner mat closest to your artwork) punch up the color by matching the mat to a dominant color in the artwork. This color contrast is a nice way to make your art pop.

Photo in Blue Frame with White and Red Triple Mats

Triple Mats

Triple mats have 3 mats. Try two neutral outer mats with a pop of color on a third mat around your picture. It adds loads of dimension and draws the eye inwards to your art and photos!

Picture Frame Mat Samples

Mat Samples

We offer FREE mat samples, so you can check out the color and texture of the mat, see how it looks with your art and frame.

Linen Liners

Mats are great with photos, posters, fine art prints, diplomas or watercolors. But for canvas art, mats don't work. Instead, add a linen liner to create the same transition from art to frame that mats do for pictures on paper.

Linen Liners can be added to any linen liner compatible frame and to 3/4" Framed Stretched Canvas.

Linen Liner Sample with Black Ornate Frame Art with Linen Liner and Ornate Gold Frame
Painting with Linen Liner and Ornate Black Frame

More Mat Ordering Options & Tools

For more information on these other mat ordering options and tools, please call Customer Care at 800-332-8884.

Pre-cut Standard Sized Mats

Pre-cut Mats

Bulk Photo Mat Board

Bulk Mat Board

Mixed Color Mat Pack

Mixed Mat Packs

301S Logan Mat Cutter

301S Logan Mat Cutter

Basic Nat Cutting Book

Basic Mat Cutting Book