Our History

We've been family-owned since the beginning. Artists, Steve & Joan Feinsod, founded Graphik Dimensions Ltd. (GD), in 1965, to bring affordable, fine art quality framing to the creative community they knew and loved. Always the innovators, they were the first to launch a business like this, direct to fellow Artists & Photographers, and later became the first to take it online, and the first to offer the uber-interactive virtual frame shop (our Personal Frame Shop). We thank you for letting us serve you — and for inspiring us with your creations.

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True DIYers, our Founders (and childhood sweethearts!), Joan & Steve Feinsod began making frames to complement their own art for sale at shows. Overflow made its way to friends & colleagues in their artistic community. Soon, there was heavy demand for their framing and they found themselves spending more and more time filling picture frame orders than creating art. Thus was the beginning of Graphik Dimensions Ltd. – founded with love in the den of their Queens, NY home in 1965.

Fun Facts:

  • Joan’s media of choice – Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Pencil, Scratchboard, Markers (and almost anything else within arm’s length!)
  • Steve’s media of choice – Acrylic Paint, Serigraphs, Photography
  • Each year during the holidays, greeting cards handmade by Joan & Steve would cover every available surface in their home, so the paint could dry. To this day, their daughters Lauri & Robyn can still close their eyes and smell the turpentine!

Artwork by Joan Feinsod - Founder of Pictureframes.com


After a few years, Joan & Steve outgrew their home-based beginnings (that den was getting cramped!) and moved to a full-fledged warehousing and workshop space, in Flushing, NY. By 1978, thanks to an extraordinary, word-of-mouth following, GD had gained momentum and begun to attract a much wider following – from Grandmothers to Galleries to Governments, and all types of creators in-between. Major landmark: GD welcomes its first employee who wasn’t already a family member!

Fun Fact: Before we’d created our first catalog, we advertised heavily in magazines like American Artist – often displaying up to 20 full-page, full-color ads in a single issue. As a result, readers of the magazine often sent their subscription renewals (and cancellations) to us!

By the early 80s, we’d printed our first catalog and went on to win numerous nationally recognized accolades for its artistry – including the prestigious Gold Award for Excellence & Achievement in Catalog Marketing from Catalog Age magazine.

And, on March 18, 1989 — a very BIG day — we fully entered the digital age, with our first mainframe computer. It had a fraction of the storage and power of an iPhone, but was so big it took up an entire room (if you’re old enough to remember, think: “6 Million Dollar Man,” or something very much like this)! Seriously. Awesome.

Fun Fact: Steve was so proud of the mainframe computer, that he installed windows in the doors to the room, so passersby could ogle it.

After conducting a nationwide search – and upon discovering the joy of sweet tea – in 1992 Joan & Steve relocated GD to the Craftsmanship Capital of the world, High Point, NC. Here, we built an impressive team of accomplished craftspeople. That same year, these forward-thinkers co-founded Woodlands 2000, an organization devoted to ensuring that more trees were planted in America, than were being consumed by the picture framing industry.

Simultaneously, we were evolving into a respected and cutting-edge technology company, doing things with software that had never been done before. It began humbly in 1997, as pictureframes.com, with a single page on the web, which was just a catalog request form. Then, in 1999, we added online custom frame ordering, the very first of its kind.

We gained Apple Developer status and had become the leaders in uncovering the potential of all the amazing new technology. In 2000, the first of our innovations was a fun, interactive service that brought our award-winning catalog to life – the aptly named Personal Frame Shop. The Print & Frame Shop, then took interactive creating to its next great level by adding fine art giclee printing on paper & canvas to the playspace.


In 2005, Steve & Joan took a step back to spend more time with their true loves – painting & photography. And, after many years as valued consultants who’d earned their MBAs as children at the dinner table, their daughters, Lauri & Robyn, joined GD to lead it into the future.

Lauri Feinsod, the new CEO, had a goal to take the best of our already successful legacy business and infuse it with the energy of a start-up. She began by a process of “unframing”: revolutionizing our company’s culture by introducing a C4 (consciousness, creativity, collaboration, community), values-driven filter for all decisions, and taking a stand for business as an uplifting force on the planet.

This re-evolution included a new era of service excellence for us, a new Business Services division devoted to B2B partnerships, a vastly expanded Print Division, Marketing Division and the embodiment of a Tech Company, at the next level, to continue our history of creativity and innovation. Business models were evolved, services were added, we became more nimble, and grew into a top workplace, in the region. Not a bad way to celebrate our 40s – “sexier than ever,” as the press release proclaimed!

C4 values

Though our parent company, Graphik Dimensions Ltd., has been around since 1965, we are a highly evolving, creative & innovative entity – with all the core strengths resonant with our longevity. An extremely generative, C4 values-driven (Consciousness, Creativity, Collaboration, Community), leadership organization, our mission is to both do well, and do good, by uplifting our people and the worlds they touch.

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