Lauri Feinsod, the CEO of Graphik Dimensions Ltd. (parent company of, has been the driver of a cultural re-evolution at the company, since taking the helm in 2006. Embodying conscious leadership, with a similar invitation to the company's entire Work Family, the organization has become a generative, C4 (consciousness, collaboration, creativity, community) values-driven enterprise — a highly conscious business — that manages to both do well, in every traditional business sense, while maintaining its commitment to truly serve the community at Graphik Dimensions Ltd., along with the world touched by it.

We believe in unleashing the true and magnificent potential in everyone.
Our Introduction to Collaboration, Emerging Leadership, and Leadership Unfolding are collaborative learning initiatives to grow leadership, communication and other skills. Enrolling 100% of our employees across all levels of our organization, these ongoing initiatives put all our team members on a perpetual growth path.