Security Hangers

For commercial, retail, and industrial exhibits where theft can be a problem, the Security system is very effective. Ingeniously simple, the Security Lock-In System attaches the frame to the wall, rather than hanging the frame from the wall, making removal extremely difficult without the special Security Frame Wrench (sold separately). Assembly directions are included.

Order Detail Options:
• Security Hangers for Metal Frames - Wrench required for installation - (does not fit Standard Collection) - $1.50
• Security Hangers for Standard Collection Metal Frames - Wrench required for instalation - $1.50
• Wood Frame Security Hangers - Slotted plates are included to simulate a metal frame's mounting channel - Wrench required for installation - $2.50
• Security Frame Wrench - Use this wrench to easily install the security hangers and to remove artwork from the hangers - $3.00

Price: $3.00