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In 1965, artists Steve and Joan Feinsod founded our parent company, Graphik Dimensions Ltd. (GD). From the earliest days working out of a small apartment in New York, their goal was to bring affordable, fine-art-quality framing to their creative community. In 1992, thanks to strong word-of-mouth and growing demand from Artists, Photographers, galleries and more, they relocated to the Craftsmanship Capital of the world: High Point, NC.

In 1999 they launched online ordering of custom frames – the first of its kind – now known as pictureframes.com, and co-founded Woodlands 2000, an organization devoted to seeing more trees planted in the US than were being consumed by the picture framing industry. So it's no wonder GD grew into the Sustainably Sourced & Crafted Sustainably Sourced & Crafted company it is today!

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Steven and Joan's daughters Lauri and Robyn now run GD, with Lauri as Chairperson of the Board and Robyn as Creator of Opportunities. In taking the helm, they infused the best of their parents’ legacy with the energy of a start-up. They brought everyone to the table, creating a culture of equal voices throughout the business and setting up an impressive business model of innovation and collaborative leadership.

As everyone on staff will tell you we are simply one big family – an oft-overworn statement, but in our case, it runs deep and true. We hold to our mantra, 'Creativity CAN change the world,' while making customers around the world our #1 priority.


Each day brings us new opportunities for us to do good by uplifting people and the worlds they touch. That is how we measure success. Because we believe in the potential for corporate culture to be a positive, uplifting force on the planet, so we continue to shift from a product-focused business model to a values-focused model.

We like to call this approach "Business Unusual", and strive to bring it to every aspect of our company: from how our products are created to who the people are that create them. It drives us to be a conscious, sustainable business, creating positive change on the world we live in.

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C4 Values We Thrive By

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Stoking creative fires is our superpower. We get curious and boldly explore new ways to bring your one-of-a-kind vision to life.

Sustainably Sourced & Crafted


We believe in making better, buying less and loving more. As a proudly Sustainably Sourced & Crafted company, we consider Mother Earth in absolutely everything we do.

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Our team is made up of Artists and joyful Makers from 23 different countries, and we strive to bring people together by making mindful masterpieces.

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Togetherness breeds thrivability. Since 1965, we've served Artists, Photographers, Businesses and Creators of all kinds to make awe-inspiring things.

Business Unusual

Since 1965, we have been a dynamic, values-driven company serving Artists, Photographers, Galleries, Governments, Grandmas, and Fortune 500's.

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National Award
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