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Canvas Printing & Framing

Professional, Gallery Quality Frameless Canvas Prints at Your Fingertips

Make an impression and elevate your living space with our custom canvas printing and framing. Personalize your home with your favorite digital memories in the form of canvas prints made with exceptional quality and rich texture.

A canvas print.

Custom Canvas Photo Print Choices

Whether it's heartwarming or hilarious, your canvas photo prints will create an unforgettable presentation. Custom canvas depths include 3/4" – your best choice for the widest selection of frames – and 2" to achieve the highest impact.
3/4 inch 1 inch 1 1/2 inch 2 inch Canvas Prints
Canvas Prints with Mirrored Image Border White Border Black Border

Why Choose Custom Photo Prints on Canvas?

Your best memories can now be featured in your home or office with quality custom canvas prints. Explore our collection of glare-free canvases to avoid damage from sun exposure to your framed canvas photos. Sunlight can cause glares on traditional glossy photo prints or those fixed behind glass, which limits where you can hang them. However, with canvas picture prints, you get a rich texture and glare-free finish, so your photos look great, even in the brightest spaces.

3 Ways to Create a Canvas Masterpiece

Photo Framed in Plein Air Canvas Frame

Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints

For canvases that are 1 1/2" - 2" deep, go frameless! Our gallery wrap canvases can stand alone for a clean presentation in your space.

Painting in Ornate Gold Canvas Frame

Add a Canvas-Friendly Frame

For canvases that are 3/4" deep, you can add a canvas-friendly frame that is wide and/or deep enough for your canvas prints. And try adding a liner for an extra element of drama. Liners also add support for larger pieces.

Black and Gold Canvas Floater Frame

Float Your Canvas Art

For any canvas less than 2" deep, you can magically suspend canvas prints inside a floater frame. This is a pro-artist favorite and it’s perfect for modern or abstract paintings.

Featured Collections for Framed Canvas Prints

Give your art the look that Professional Artists and Photographers love with quality canvas print frames. Canvas floater frames, Plein Air frames or Classic Ornate frames – we have the style and quality you need to create a masterpiece.
Photo Framed in Plein Air Canvas Frame

Plein Air Canvas Frames

Painting in Ornate Gold Canvas Frame

Ornate Canvas Frames

Black and Gold Canvas Floater Frame

Renaissance Floater Frames

Framed and Frameless Canvas Prints

Canvas picture prints already offer virtually unlimited possibilities and the choice between frameless and framed canvases gives you even more options. Consider whether you want to hang a large focal piece or create a framed canvas art gallery wall, then select the frames that provide the aesthetic you want.

If you want custom canvas frames to complement your art, explore our collections of renaissance floater frames, plein air frames or ornate frames to give your portraits a classic, formal look. Create the illusion that your canvas is floating on the wall with simple yet impactful canvas floater frames. Or, if you like the frameless look, pick between black, white or mirror image borders to add a light, contemporary feel to your space.

Create canvas prints online at to transfer your favorite pictures to canvas you can hang in your home and enjoy every day.

Why Choose Us For Your Canvas Prints?

Hanging Framed Canvas Art
Largest Canvas Frame Selection
You won't find more canvas-friendly frames anywhere, period. We carry it all - from ornate, eco-friendly frames to modern canvas floaters. Browse hundreds of custom frames in any size.
Canvas Art Wall Decor
All Sizes Big & Small
You are not limited by standard sizes with us. We can print as small as 6" x 6" (for those social snaps!), as large as 48" x 96", and ANY SIZE in between. Plus, we can enlarge your image up to six times its original size without compromising image quality.
Wall Pad Finishing on Canvas Prints
TLC for Your Walls
Felt pads or bumpers keep the staples found on the back of stretched canvas prints and paintings from scratching your walls. We recommend adding them in each corner.
Wall Pad Finishing on Canvas Prints
No More Shallow Canvas
Not everyone offers true gallery-depth canvas like we do. Our stretcher bars are strong and durable, making your canvases gallery-worthy.
Black Canvas Floater Frame
Print on the Sides with No Cropping
You don’t have to sacrifice part of your image when you want to print on canvas. (Not all canvas providers offer this, but we do!) Crop your image how you want it, upload it, and we’ll print it your way, no matter the size you choose.

How To Choose a Frame for Your Canvas Prints

Frames for Deep Canvases
Deep Frames
The depth of a frame, where your art sits, is called the "rabbet." Choose a frame with a depth the same (or deeper) as your canvas for proper presentation in narrow or floater frames.
Wide Gold Canvas Frame
Wide Frames
For a classic canvas art presentation, wide frames are a stunning choice that work with most canvas depths. If your frame’s rabbet depth is shallower than your canvas, wide frames can help conceal the canvas that may stick out slightly from the back of your frame.
Black Canvas Floater Frame
Canvas Floaters
The latest and greatest presentation for canvas art is quickly becoming iconic. Your canvas is magically suspended inside the frame, creating an eye-popping look that is perfect for modern or abstract paintings.

Stretched Canvas Print vs Rolled Canvas Print

Words like “stretched” and “rolled” describe the canvas print at two different stages. Where a stretched canvas print refers to a canvas that is stretched on all-wood stretcher bars and stapled in place, a rolled canvas print is a print before it is stretched. Some people like professional artists and photographers decide to stretch a rolled canvas themselves because they enjoy the process and can save money doing so. However, for a more hassle-free option, many may opt for their printers to complete the process, receiving a stretched canvas print that’s ready to be framed.

Professional Looks with Canvas

Canvas prints from can make almost any picture look professionally photographed. The added texture helps to smooth out saturation differences and adds extra vibrancy to the picture. When printed onto canvas, your favorite images come to life, creating stylish wall art that you'll treasure for years to come. Check out our blog to learn more about canvas floater frames and you can decide which canvas print styles are best for your pictures.

Customer Gallery of Canvas Prints

Deep Frames
Wide Frames
Canvas Floaters

Tips on How to Frame a Canvas Print

Unless you are a professional, you may choose to have your rolled canvas print stretched for you. This will make the final framing process significantly easier. Prepare your canvas print frames for display with these helpful tips:

  • Choose the right frame
    Canvas-friendly frames allow you to frame with confidence knowing the stretcher bar will fit nicely within the confines of the frame. You’ll be able to easily hang your framed canvas photo in no time.
  • Traditional frame vs floater frame
    For a more classic touch, a traditional frame may be the way to go. A floater frame for canvas prints is an ideal choice for more abstract art or for art that you want displayed unobstructed. Whether you choose a traditional or floater frame, be sure you have sufficient frame depth to fit the art and ensure the canvas doesn’t stick out of the front or back. Check out our blog to learn more about canvas floater frames and you can decide which canvas print styles are best for your pictures.
  • Measurements matter
    Decide where you want to display your framed canvas prints and prep the space well ahead of time. Measure distance from furniture, ceiling, floors, and other picture frames to avoid gaps or cluttered areas. Mark where you will hang your framed canvas photo prints or art prints, making note of the center points in pencil to help as you center the canvas print.

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