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Eco Friendly Printing and Framing

How We Thrive

It's vital to value the environment's bottom line as much as our own. Greener production processes help us lower our bills while diminishing our manufacturing facilities' carbon footprint. Explore our selection of eco-friendly frames, including recycled and sustainable picture frame options.


Every day our dedicated Green Action Team works to reduce our carbon
footprint and use of natural resources in ways large and small:

  • Upgrading our facilities for more efficient use of natural resources.
  • Working with local, state and federal agencies to meet or exceed health & safety regulations affecting employees, communities and the environment
  • Diverting waste from landfills at all of our sites
  • Employee programs to clean up local parks, encourage car sharing and biking to work, and create new electric car charging stations
  • Increasing our assortment of eco-friendly and eco-solution products
  • Prioritizing pollution prevention, ethical natural resources management and waste minimization
Eco Friendly Printing and Framing