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5 Things to Consider When Framing Documents

Apr 17, 2023

5 Things to Consider When Framing Documents

April 17, 2023/ Decorate, Learn

It's true, many of us have a drawer (or box or room) where we stash items that we don't know what to do with! However, it's important to be careful with what we're putting in these spaces, as some items may be too important or sentimental for the stash-away.

But what are we to do with documents like passports, birth certificates and social security cards, or items with more nostalgia such as your high school diploma, or treasured children's art? For your next document framing project, here are five things to consider that will help you create a presentation that will last for years to come. Belongings like vintage family photos, your college hard-earned certificate or letters from a friend that you hold tight in your heart, and drawers, deserve a space of their own, to breathe and shine!

Taking care of these items can be simple, with a few tips and tricks on how to lengthen their life span, care for their unique qualities and display them with pride.

Choosing A Matching Frame

Framed Recipe in Gold Frame within Green Room

When it comes to framing archival or sentimental documents, it's important to choose a frame that complements the document and possibly enhances their historical value. A vintage or certificate picture frame is often the best choice for a historical document, as it can provide an elegant look that will match the aesthetic and history of the document.

When it comes to pieces like your college diploma or your Pre-Kindergartener's finger painting, you'll have a little more leeway and creative freedom. A diploma will shine in a black and gold frame, with 1” matting and be perfectly presentable in any room in your house. While there are no rules for framing your precious documents, picking the frame to fit the piece is certainly step one.

Choose to Print on Canvas or Acrylic

Documents on Acrylic Prints in Beige Room

When dealing with priceless and irreplaceable documents, it's imperative to take extra precautions to ensure their well-being and preservation. You may want to consider creating a high-quality canvas or acrylic print of the document to display, while keeping the original in a secure storage space or safe, at home. The original document should be kept in a temperature-controlled space, that is free from potential sources of damage, such as moisture, UV light, or pesky pests, perhaps.

Take a picture of the document, or scan if possible, and upload it to our Homepage. Choose a Glossy Acrylic Print or one assembled with Standoffs or a Frameless Canvas Print. Decide on dimensions and styles you would prefer and just like that, your piece is printed and shipped for extra safe, long-lasting display and enjoyment.

Protection from the Elements

Using acidic materials can damage and weaken your treasured documents over time, causing irreversible harm. Archival framing components are specifically designed to protect valuable documents, keepsakes and artwork by using pH-neutral materials that do not contain any harmful chemicals. Our Acid Free Rag Mats will add long time preservation to any frame of your choosing. Add UV Protective Acrylic & Acid-free Foam core Backing for a double whammy of document protection perfection!

Also, take note to handle the document with care when framing it. Wear clean disposable gloves to avoid transferring any dirt or oils from your hands onto the document. Do your best to avoid creasing or bending it, when handling.
Finally, make sure to display the framed document in a controlled environment, one where it is not in direct sunlight or in too high of heat, like a restroom or home-gym. Consider using a display case with built-in environmental controls to provide optimal protection.

By practicing these measures, you can ensure that your framed documents remain protected for future generations to be in awe of!

But Where Will I Hang it?

Framed Diploma with mat

Ideally, it is best to avoid hanging the framed document in areas with high humidity or moisture levels, such as a bathroom (one with a shower or tub) or kitchen where the steam can add to molding or warping.

When choosing the area to hang the framed document, consider the amount of foot traffic in and out of the area. Are there beloved children running about, throwing a football in the house daily? Well, you get the picture. Find a location where it is less likely to be accidentally bumped or knocked over, such as a hallway or a quieter room in the house.

Side note: Even with proper framing techniques and placement, some degree of natural aging may still occur over time. Taking these protective measures will significantly slow down the deterioration process and ensure that the document remains in excellent viewing condition for years to come.

Pride with a Pop!

Kid Framed in Mint Green Frame

The classic look of a wood picture frame around your diploma is an elegant option that will be forever timeless. If you're aiming for that, I recommend a frame from our Custom Wood Collection, particularly our Walnut Picture Frame With Natural Liner, which is a customer favorite.

If you want to showcase your school colors or incorporate bold, vibrant hues; using colored mats or a Custom Metal Frames can be a great way to achieve that effect. You can also consider using different textures or materials to add visual interest and dimension to your framing.

Did your child go color wild on their latest masterpiece? Find a Colorful Picture Frame that will set those hues dancing with joy. There might be no greater goal for framing documentation than presenting them in a way that makes you happy.

Got a brilliant new document framed that you're bursting with excitement to share? We love seeing our Creative Community's accomplishments and masterpieces on display. Tag us with #framingjoy on social and we'll be sure to give you a joyous round of applause!

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