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5 Ways to Lagom Your Home

Apr 25, 2018

Trend Alert: 5 Ways to Lagom Your Home

April 25, 2018 / Decorate, Learn

Once upon a time a girl named Goldilocks snuck into a cottage. If she were Swedish, she might have muttered the word “lagom” as she tasted that third bowl of porridge. That’s because “lagom” is the principle of having not too much, not too little, but just the right amount. Welcome to the latest trend in everyday living..

Lagom is a simpler way of living that originated in Swedish culture. When applied to the home, it creates a space that is far less complicated and cluttered to bring about a wholeness you may not have known was there. If you’re looking to join the trend, you’ll find that Lagom brings out the best in your space and lets you enjoy it a whole lot more. Since you probably can’t hire Goldilocks as your interior decorator, we’ve got an easy list to follow of five ways you can lagom your home.

Put the Fun in Functional

Artist Rock and Water Photo in White Frame in Living Room
Featuring Our CFL9 Frame

Bet you never grew up imagining your dream house would have a lot of “functional” space. I mean, where’s the fun in that, right? While Lagom is all about functionality, it doesn’t come at the cost of cozy. It’s simply about removing the clutter from the space and focusing on the best (read: most fun) pieces. This means finding clever ways to add storage to the space, finally shipping that unnecessary corner chair off to the thrift store and consolidating some wall décor. Got three medium sized picture frames? Replacing them with a single, large frame will give the eye less to focus on.

Once you optimize your home for better functionality, you will actually increase your enjoyment of each space. A popular method for decluttering is the KonMari method. It dictates that the focus shouldn’t be on what items to let go, but what to hold onto. It’s about amplifying what you love while removing distractions. And if the process feels like your mom is forcing you to do your chores, chances are you’re not doing it right. Lagom should feel good, not gloomy. Put on your editor’s cap, roll up your sleeves, and have fun making your space one that serves you, not the other way around.

Color is Your Friend

Abstract Plant Art with Mat and Frames in Living Room

Lest you get the wrong impression, Lagom isn’t trying to play the role of fun police. Yes, soft greys and restrained neutrals make for easy, clean design, but you don’t have to throw color out the window. It’s about being selective with your color choices. And, you know, probably not dousing your wall with a bucket of burgundy. Light is might here.

Take a statement piece, like a pastel colored chair, and let the rest of the décor play the supporting role. Got a favorite photo with bright accents? Present it with a vibrant picture frame (and a wide, clean mat) and utilize the color of the frame sporadically throughout the room. A room full of white hues can act like a canvas for speckling drops of an accent color through strategically chosen décor. Above all, don’t be afraid to create a color palette that you want to look at. Lagom wants you to paint a happy picture you love living with.

Make a Clean Sweep

Cityscape Photo with White Mat and Brown Wood Picture Frame
Featuring Our GLD4 Frame

It’s time to clean your room. And no, I’m not referring the dust bunnies hopping around your coffee table. The Lagom aesthetic focuses on clean design choices. Thin lines, sharp angles, and tapered legs are a sign of clean, mid century modern look. Neutral colors and sparse accessories can provide a foundation for a Lagom home, but don’t feel like you need to strip your space to its bones. In fact, more pieces of the right design could be the key.

One way to achieve a level of design-cleanliness next to godliness is to create a focal point in the room. This could be through wall art, a central coffee table, or an entertainment center. Then, work on minimizing the rest of the room around it. Less, in this case, is SO much more. You only want one or two pieces to speak loudly, and to do that, you’ve got to limit the noise. And let me tell you, a room with a truly clean design is one you’ll want to listen to.

Sustainable and Stress Free

Mountainscape Photo with White Mat and Black Frame in Modern Sitting Room

The deeper application of the term “lagom” is a feeling of satisfaction. It’s not only about Goldilocks finding things to be just to her liking. It’s about cultivating a truer wellbeing for all. Sustainable living is a way of being mindful about not just your space, but the space we all share on earth. We have worked hard to develop our own company culture of sustainability. It’s both a way to give back to our world and enjoy our every day environment.

There’s no magic wand for making your space more sustainable, it simply requires consciousness regarding your room’s functionality. Upcycling is a great way to add some magic. Give an antique dresser a lively coat of paint, whitewash your brick fireplace or frame some old palette wood for a rustic piece of DIY wall art, and your space will practically transform right before your eyes like you sprinkled fairy dust on it.

Also, schedule a trip to your local nursery, because greenery also makes for a more sustainable, refreshing space. Plants not only add a colorful touch, but help you feel better too. They add more oxygen to the air, combat pollutants, and give you a greater sense of connection to nature. You simply can’t be blue when you go green.

The “Ahhh” Moment

Colorful Geometric Art in White Frame

There’s virtue in moderation, as the saying goes. Lagom design turns that idea into a feeling you can almost touch. The goal is to evoke that feeling of “ahhh” when you walk into the room. It achieves this moment of Zen by bringing a balance to everything. There’s nothing quite like walking into a coordinated kitchen or a harmonious hallway. And this is easier to achieve than you might think.

A little light can go a long way. Replace thicker curtains with a more see-through choice or ditch them altogether. Natural light opens the room up, giving the impression of more space. And while it might be difficult, it’s best to pare down your accessories. Choose one or two of your favorite décor items to keep and remove the rest. After all, there’s nothing quite like a good clutter purge. Warning: when you achieve the “ahhh” feeling in your home, you might find it hard to leave. Probably best to clear your schedule.

Are you ready to lagom your home? Just remember that while parting with some accessories is such sweet sorrow, there’s joy to be found in simplicity. And once you’ve created a newly balanced space, we want to see it. Tag us on Instagram with #framingjoy and we’ll be sure go “ahhh” with you.

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