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8 Outside the Box DIY Frame Ideas

Mar 29, 2018

8 Outside the Box DIY Frame Ideas

March 29, 2018 / Decorate, Create, DIY,

So you've got the creative itch, some time on your hands and you're ready to get crafty. Then that dreaded feeling finds you – Creator's block! Ugh, it's the worst, right? Being stuck for an idea is frustrating, but before you cue the dramatic music, allow us to offer up a few ideas to stoke that creative fire.

When I am feeling lost at the beginning of a project, I find that I often need a focus point to anchor my thoughts. A picture frame is a great anchor, because while it may be square or rectangle, it will quickly get you thinking outside the box. It's SO much more than a pretty border around a picture. A frame can work as a versatile canvas to help you explore a range of project possibilities. Need proof? Look no further. Behold some big ideas for DIY projects with frames!

Wall Decals

DIY Frame Project Decal on Wall

Wall decals are an easy way to add some dynamic life to your walls. But where's the crafty fun in that? Find an custom frame that suits your decal to a tee or try one that's a shot of color to bring some attention to it. And if you want to make something really mind boggling, try some 3-D art, which is super in style right now.

Key Holder

DIY Picture Frame Project Key Holder

We've gone and done it. We have solved the age-old issue of how to keep track of your keys AND make something crafty-chic for your home. Of course, you still have to place your keys here and not on the kitchen table, but we'll leave that to you.

This one is SIMPLE, ya'll. Choose a frame (ANY frame) and paint it to fit your wall décor style. Decorate it, glitter it, bedazzle it, whatever suits your fancy. Then simply screw some hooks onto the façade, hang it, and kiss losing your keys goodbye.

Framed Thermostat

DIY Thermostat in Picture Frame
Featuring Our FRC13 Frame

It's getting hot in here. So put on your crafting clothes. That's right, crank the heat or cool things down in style by framing your thermostat. You've got some options for this one. Simply choose an frame you love, or create a reverse shadowbox frame that is hinged to cover the thermostat. Keep your guests comfy while you blow their mind with you decorating prowess.

Flower Pot Art

DIY Potted Plant in Picture Frame
Featuring Our BWC3 Frame

Your favorite potted flowering plant is about to become and even bigger star of your décor. You'll need a sturdy frame for this one, no sleek metal frames will do. Once you've got a frame that can properly hold the weight, hang a hook in the top center of the frame. Attach your potted plant to the hook and give it only enough slack to hang in the center of the frame. The best part is you can display this anywhere. Make Mother Nature jealous and hang it from a tree outside!

Scrabble Frame Art

DIY Scrabble Letter Print in Frame
Featuring Our SP6 Frame

We're not playing games here – this is the perfect gift for the wordsmith in your life. Just find a Scrabble game board (preferably one you're not planning to use again!) and with some hot glue and a few choices letters you've got a winning DIY project. Use your favorite movie quote, an infamous saying, a priceless poetic line, or create a love note. Say whatever you need to say, and this décor will leave your guests speechless.

Photo Clothesline

Picture Frame Photo Clothesline DIY

Got a bunch of favorite pictures you want to showcase, but not looking to frame each one? This is a super easy and fabulous way to show them all off. Grab a frame you love, some string and laundry clips and you're almost there. Paint your frame, accessorize it, or leave it plain, then simply run the strings long the back and hang the whole thing up! Adorn this with vacation photos, Instagram gems, classic kid moments- any photos work and can always be changed out to fit a mood or a season.

Personal Stamps

Framed Dog with Paw Prints on Mat
Featuring Our TW4 Frame

The best designs are always ones that you connect to on a personal level. So why not put your stamp on a frame for a DIY project that is true to you? Paw prints from your puppy pal, kisses for your significant other, handprints of your child – all you need is some paint and a frame and/or mat you want to decorate. (Please don't kiss the paint, though- there's lipstick for that!) For an alternative option, try doodling fun designs or writing the names of loved ones on your frame!

Accessorized Frames

DIY Decorated Picture Frame in Room Environment

Time to bust out the big guns. The glue guns, that is. This one is all about letting your imagination run wild. Decorating a frame with accessories can turn it into a piece of formal flair or feelgood fun. Try any or all of these variations:

  • For the nature lover: driftwood, seashells, stones, flower petals
  • For kid's room: toys, cars, dinosaurs, legos
  • For the wine connoisseur: corks you've been saving from special bottles
  • For the hobbyist: Glass beads, cloth, buttons

Want to see how we did it? Check out our DIY Frame Décor Blog.

But Which Frames Work Best?

Any, and we mean ANY open-backed frame can work for you. Pick a frame and let it speak to you. It's all about letting your inventive spirit run wild.

Once you've cooked up some seriously cool frame art, show it to us! Tag us on social with the hashtag #framingjoy and we may even show off your creation to our Creative community.

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