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Artist Spotlight: Kristin Try

May 7, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Kristin Try

May 7, 2016 / Pro

Meet Kristin Try, the fabulous-mother-of-three-carpool-canoodling-canvas-adorning Artist behind Gingham & Grosgrain. Kristin caught our eye on Instagram when she shared some pieces that she framed with us.

Ever since we picked our jaws off the ground, we continue to be blown away with each new creation. We can't wait to see what's next!

Photo of Mother hugging her daughters

Kristin left a successful career in government affairs, taking the leap and following her dreams. Now, instead of a hobby, turning poetic whimsy on canvas is her livelihood. We were lucky enough to chat about what inspires her, while learning about her personal journey of becoming an artist.

Abstract painting in canvas floater frame in dinning room
“Green with Envy” in our CFL10 Maple Canvas Floater Frame

Roominate (R): When you discovered your love of painting, you had a rewarding career in government affairs, and a growing family – How did you embrace this incredibly creative side?

Kristin Try (KT): I have had a love for design and art for a long time, but never saw it as a viable career, however, any creative endeavor I worked on made me really happy.

R: How did it feel to make the career switch? Scary? Exhilarating? Did you simply feel there was no other choice for you?

KT: I started out with painting as a way to relieve stress, connect with my creative side, and it's slowly become so much more. And I see how I can make it even more successful, in the future, and that makes me excited to jump out of bed every day to work hard towards my goals.

R: What is it like to finally call yourself an Artist?

KT: Honestly, it's still sinking in that I'm an artist, but in a good way. Every time I say it, I feel more confident and proud of my work. I don't think there was one moment that made this feel like my calling. Putting time into this dream every day has been necessary for me to see this as a career vs. a hobby.

R: What advice would you give to someone else considering a similar career switch, or an Artist starting out?

KT: My advice is to commit to working a little everyday to build up to the point you can make a more successful transition. I also suggest you find something you love and pursue it if at all possible. I loved working in government and health care but art and design are what I could talk endlessly about and never tire of. It truly is a passion.

Abstract Painting in Gold Canvas Floater Frame in Living Room
“Night Reflections” in our CFL3 Gold Leaf Frame

R: When you begin a painting, what's your source of inspiration?

KT: Everything! It could be the clouds, a sunset, a house, little moments with my girls.

R: What's your working style? Do you get into the studio every day for a certain window of time? Do you paint when inspired regardless of time?

KT: I wish I was able to paint more often but it's mostly at night after my girls are asleep. I am usually able to do a little of the business side during each morning, too.

R: How do you juggle life as a mom to three active (and adorable) little girls, with your studio time? Do they just come along and create, too? Or, is studio time also your ME time?

KT: My three girls help sometimes, but the majority of painting happens once they are asleep. And they use my studio for all their crafts and art projects, too.

R: What is your studio like?

KT: I work in a tiny studio sun room right off my kitchen. It's a blessing to have the space in my house and that it gets good light!

Artist Painting Studio
A sneak peak into the studio where Kristin completes these gorgeous pieces!

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