Bathrooms Don’t Have to be Boring! Tips for Bringing Life to Bathroom Walls

September 28, 2017 / Decorate

When it comes to decorating, a bathroom can often be challenging. It’s usually on the small side, awkwardly shaped, with little wall space. A few minor changes mixed in with some creativity can liven things up in no time. It’s a great place to dip your toe into interior design, have some fun and experiment. And because it’s often a small, separate part of your home, it’s an easy place to try a bold color palette or an eccentric frame without detracting from other décor themes in your home! So check out these cool ideas for things you can frame and hang to bring out the best in your bathroom.

Reading Material

Think about how much of your morning routine is spent in the bathroom! So much thinking and reflection happens in this room! Why should this room be boring and bland!?! Getting inspired while getting ready for work can really set the tone for your day. Or it can be a nice reminder or pick me up to help recenter you throughout the day. And giving visitors a look into the mottoes that make you tick can strike up conversation! There’s lots of free printables scattered throughout the internet, or it’s easy to pick a font you like and create your own! So it’s an easy project to personalize perfectly for you.

Typography Art in Banana Bark Frame in Bathroom
Featuring our ELB2 frame

Bring the Outdoors In

Bathrooms often don’t have windows and when they do, they’re frosted or small (for good reason, of course!). So, nature-inspired art is a great way to bring more life to this small, enclosed space. It’s a great way to show off your favorite places and memories – whether that’s waves crashing to the shore or a beautiful shot from Mount Rainier. A gallery wall of wide-open outdoor photos can create the illusion of making the bathroom feel like a much larger space. You can also go 3-D – incorporate pressed leaves or flowers from your yard or… get playful with prints! Bold animal or botanical prints can make an otherwise utilitarian space feel chic and trendy. It’s an easy way to show off your own eclectic affinity for your favorite flower or animal.

Fruit Tree Art with Blue Mat and Brown Wood Frame
Shared to our website by Robert M, featuring our HP7 frame.

But don’t feel stuck to any of these! Growing up, my Mom loved hummingbirds, and had collected a lot of little hummingbird inspired art, which she used to create a theme in a guest bathroom. She had photography, prints, needlepoints and a small shadowbox with feathers (oh, those luminescent little feathers...).

Ode to Art History

I have a print of Monet’s Bridge Over a Pond (sometimes listed as Japanese Bridge at Giverny) in my bathroom. Monet did many versions of this painting in his Giverny water garden. He experimented with painting different times of the day, with changes in light and from different vantage points. Like a lot of his work, it celebrates our world in wonderful colors, some muted. It’s a peaceful painting and it’s one of the reasons I like it (it’s great to get lost in while I take a long bath), not to mention the colors add to the overall mood of the piece.

Monet Painting Print Custom Framed in Bathroom
Featuring our FB2 frame

Often it can be hard to mix classic, beloved art pieces in with our other décor. They can be large, ornate and so intricately tied to a specific era that they alter the feel of a room. But placing classic artwork in a master bath is a way to give it prominence where neither it nor the décor pull away from each other.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can really open up a small space. A small, eclectic mirror is a great way to add depth to any art collage. Or an interesting frames will give an eclectic, sometimes rustic feel to an otherwise sterile, white environment. And you can always have pictureframes.com frame a mirror for you, especially one shaped slightly differently or completed with a frame to fit your aesthetic. Whether your overall theme is farmhouse, mid-century, modern or another motif, you’ll surely find just what you need in our huge selection of picture frames.

Custom Framed Mirror in Black Frame in Bathroom
Submitted to our website by Kimberly D. A mirror made with our BGB11 frame.


Consider that a large piece in your bathroom could go a long way toward making an impressive statement. A big bathroom wall can be a huge blank canvas! There’s often not much furniture to compete for space, so it’s a great home for that one large print or painting you’ve never quite found the right spot for. And have no fear about hanging it! We’ve got tons of great tips for securely hanging any large piece: check those out here.

Horse Painting in Canvas Floater Frame
Piece by Customer & Artist, Jill Van Sickle

Looking for Art?

You might have a stash of prints and pieces from flea markets or yard sales you’ve been meaning to hang, but if you don’t, no worries! The New York Public Library has a huge online digital collection of images available for download.

They have thousands of free images – everything from old newspaper clippings, vintage photos (from hundreds of locations), which you can upload to pictureframes.com to have framed in a picture frame of your choice. Just go to Upload My Picture and, voila!

Keeping Your Art Safe

Now your bathroom looks like a chic gallery, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a bathroom! So when framing, take steps to make sure your art stays safe and clean. We suggest acid-free mats – otherwise your art can be affected by leeching that occurs over time. Additionally, be sure to use acrylic rather than glass when framing pieces that you hang in the bathroom. The acrylic lets in more light and is better for your art.

Let’s Hang!

Finally, hang your framed images everywhere – over the toilet and towel racks, vertically beside the door – even on the inside of the door. You might find your own unusual spot. Whatever you decide, however you put it together, let me know! Share in the comments below or post one of your dynamic décor moves at #FramingJoy.

Check out at #framingjoy for more motivation and creativity for your space.