Five Simple Ideas for Mindful Nursery Decor

August 30, 2017 / Decorate

The happiest babies have a bright, positive environment in which to thrive. Purposeful nursery decor is an easy way to create a space that fosters this development. After all, it’s where they’ll begin to grow, where she opens her eyes to the world around her and sees colors, pictures, soft, stuffy animals – so many things to discover!

Simply Stimulate

It’s important to keep the décor and patterns simple. Babies are continuously being stimulated by this new, wonderful world. If you have prints on the crib, wall or blankets, it might be good to keep the art or photos simple. For example, if you have bright prints, keeping picture frames a bit more muted might be a nice contrast. Also, some research has shown that newborns actually prefer to look at black and white geometric shapes, rather than bright colors or pastels, so you might want to frame some interesting pieces like this around the nursery to grab his or her attention.

Abstract Painting in Canvas Floater Frame
Design by Widell+Boschetti, featuring NCFGL Floater Frame around a painting by Artist and Customer, Christie Adelle.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A mirror not only opens up a room, creating the illusion of more space, but it also encourages self-confidence in a young one. A baby or toddler who is used to seeing her reflection can more easily develop social skills and physical communication. You can often find cool mirrors at yard sales and consignments shops. You can also call on the customer service team at about designing a mirror for you to fit the design/décor of your nursery. How cool would that be?

Custom Framed Mirror for Childs Nursery

Mindful Memorabilia

Do you have a favorite book or toy from your childhood, or passed down through generations? Perhaps it’s not in too fragile a condition to pass on to your little one but it could be put in a shadowbox frame for a wonderful keepsake. And you could get the latest edition of it to share with him or her to add to the joy. In developmental stages, kids want to be just like their parents, this is a fun and easy way to make one of those first connections. So get some of your keepsakes out of storage and use them to decorate the nursery for your little one!

Custom Framed Mirror for Childs Nursery
Featuring our shadowbox frame, SP8.

Pick a Print

We all know what a pain wallpaper can be. Why not put your energy and money elsewhere? If you’ve found a wallpaper print you particularly like, order a spot of it that you can frame for the image you like so much. It’s a simple, sweet décor solution and it can give an otherwise blank wall a burst of style and color! Or frame a few, and sprinkle them across a larger gallery wall. You’ll love the look.

Word Art

Framing words is a wonderful tool for children. It introduces them to language, starts to teach them to read and comprehend, and they’ll most likely remember those particular words or phrases for the rest of their life. Poetry, lyrics, a personal saying – you might find it goes a long way! This can also be a fun focal point to build a theme around. My sister recently created a “twinkle, twinkle little star” themed nursery for her youngest. Complete with an adorable celestial mobile, stuffed stars and rocket ships – and some cow jumped over the moon artwork too! Find what you want and go for it. Word Art is a fun, trendy way to decorate!

Poster Framed in Childs Nursery
Featuring our GLD9 frame.

Ready to get to work building a nursery for your little one?! We’re not surprised. But we want to see the space you create for them to grow and thrive! Put your ideas in our comments section or tag us in your social posts with the hashtag #FramingJoy.