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Master the Look: Our Top Wall Decor Trends for 2018

Jan 17, 2018

Master the Look: Our Top Wall Décor Trends for 2018

January 17, 2018 / Decorate, Create

Chevron, macrame, tie-dye, wicker, barn doors, and of course, shiplap.

Need we say more? It’s all about trends, folks. Wonderful, hilarious, memorable, conversation starting, and occasionally cringe-worthy trends. Good, bad and ugly, what do they all have in common? They were hot, hot, hot at the time. You must admit, design trends, from clothing to home décor to social norms, make our colorful, interesting, ever-evolving world go ‘round.

So when it comes to being en vogue, why should it stop with your hairstyle, the latest catchphrase or must-have shoe style. Walls can talk so let them sport the latest fashions, too. Presenting your finished pieces and family photos in the latest trends is the easiest way to make them pop and stand out. Check out these 2018 wall décor trends, hot off the runway, err, interior design style guide:

Ultraviolet = Ultra Awesome

Wedding Photo Framed in Violet Picture Frame
An elegant pop of jewel toned color, featuring our FT16 Metal Frame

Meet ultraviolet: the Pantone color of the year. Jewel tones and bold, rich colors are a big trend for 2018. And leading the boss brigade is Pantone’s bold choice for color of the year: Ultraviolet. To go big this year, without going for broke, try adding pops of saturated, sexy color with these sleek modern frames. It’s an easy, less committal way to stay on trend.

You're a Natural

Sunset Photo Framed with a Natural Patterned Frame
This ELB2 Wood Frame is made with authentic banana bark.

Have you hugged a tree today? Woven, wooden, plaster and more. Natural textures are the name of the game in 2018. They’re cozy and chic and they help elevate the minimalistic style we all know and love. Bringing in natural elements helps warm and soften the (sometimes) cold, clinical feel of modern white, while bringing the out- doors in! So, if you’re not ready to shell out big bucks to wallpaper your living room in high-dollar grass cloth, start small. Display your favorite art print, pressed flower collection or snapshots in frames made of natural materials.

Brass Beauty

Framed Natural Print Hanging in Office
A playful boho print inside our AR16 Brass Gold Frame in a large bold square.

Brass is back, baby. Sure, mixed metals are still having a moment, but brass accents will be king in 2018. Everything old is new again, eh? Brass is warm and subtle. Classic and modern. It gives weight and substance to a room, while lending a certain casual elegance. So, choose frames in brass tones, then hit the consignment and antique stores to dig up hand-me-down treasures galore, like brass candlesticks, fixtures, vases and more.

Stop to Smell the Florals

This is not your grandmother’s floral loveseat. Florals are hitting the scene in 2018 big time. And it’s a whole different story when that floral isn’t the over-sized print on the puffy-sleeved cocktail dress you wore while swaying side-to-side with sweaty palms to Def Leppard in your Junior High gym. Framed floral prints add a touch of boho, a little fun and a lot of funk to your space.

Taking Shape

Soft, wimpy and shapeless, out. Hard, bold geometrics, in. This is where you can truly make a statement. Large, over-sized square frames are huge this year. (Pun intended) Wanna up the ante? Frame works that feature bold, circle patterns. Such a dramatic effect! Not to mention, an easy way to add clean lines and “wow” to a space.

Crushing on Velvet

Bamboo Frame with Velvet Mat Hanging Above Couch
Featuring one of our Gold Frames.

Soft, plush, elegant, profound. From upholstery to artwork, velvet holds the key to incorporating luxury and texture to your space. Get the bold, velvet feel by framing artwork with a sueded mat. It achieves a lavish, yet laid-back, look that’s anything but fussy.

What design trends will you explore in 2018? Share a pic with us, we’d love to see how you’re rocking all the latest and greatest looks this year! Share with us on social using the hashtag #framingjoy

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