From Genius Minds: How Creativity Inspires

May 16, 2016 / Learn

Ah, creativity. I breathe it, live it, embrace it, use it and love it each and every day. I’m not alone in this. But as we all know, the day-to-day grabs us and we can lose our focus on the creative. We stop thinking outside the box. That’s why I’m constantly trying to work that creative muscle, look for ways to jump out of the norm and dive into a world that is inspired, thoughtful, fun, colorful and inviting. One way I restart my creative engine is to turn to known Creatives throughout the world – and throughout history – and get lost in their thoughts about what creativity is to them. Here are some of my faves.

Be Daring

Bill Cunningham made his mark as one of the most famous street photographers of all time, and he paved the way for many others. The photograph that put him on the map was a street shot of Greta Garbo. Word was that he didn’t even realize he was shooting her. He just saw an image that spoke to him and he captured it.

What set him apart was his willingness to dare to be different and original. He wasn’t interested in trying to fit into a mold, he created the mold, whether through his photographs, his fashion designs or his life Thus, his beautiful words of wisdom below.

Typography Art the says Everyone Has Taste But They Don't Have the daring to be creative

Surprises Happen, Revel in Them

Typography Art that says creativity is a continual surprise

I love what Ray Bradbury has to say here. I figure if surprises aren’t happening, nothing very creative is either! Every day someone in my work family or specifically the Creative Community here at work, has an “aha” moment that surprises them – and everyone around them. Sparked from a quick brainstorming session, a podcast listened to on the way to work, a stunning piece of art that comes through our workshop for framing, or the beat of a new song on the radio. Everyone in this world is surrounded by ideas that spark creativity.

Those ‘aha moments’ are precious–revel in them and don’t let them go to waste. Perhaps keep a notebook on you to write down these moments so you can come back to them in times where you’re feeling a bit blocked!

Embrace Your Mistakes

Hey, I’ll be the first to tell you – I make mistakes! Daily. Some larger than others, but so what? I’m human. Join the club. The best we can do is indeed embrace them. Acknowledge the mistake to yourself, to the other(s) and let it go. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

When it comes to art…I recall when I was doing pottery, some of my best glazing projects were total mistakes. Not at all what I’d planned. But I found I grew to love them! I am reminded of that when I look at other creative projects. I often go to the workshop here to see what you’ve uploaded to our Print & Frame shop to get framed (a true highlight of my day!). Many of the pieces are your own stunning creations, and I’ve got to believe some are reflections of you following Scott’s words below: Art is knowing which [mistakes] to keep. Because one of the beauties of art is, indeed, that unexpected things happen during the process.

Typography Art that says creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes

Work Through that Block

Okay, so I’ve played around with inspiring words from Creatives who inspire me, but what do I do when I hit that true creative BLOCK? Ah, that’s a big one. There are times I feel I might never have another creative thought again. Scary. Well, I have some go-tos. One is to hit one of my secret spots and watch the world go by. My favorite is the beach. The rhythm of the waves can inspire or clear my head depending on what I need. Another? I reach for one of the playlists I’ve made for just those moments when I need to get my creative juices flowing. I find a solo spot, put on my headphones and get lost in the music. It’s always a positive experience and just what I need to resume my creative work.

Creativity is at the helm. Let it be. Then, after the magic happens, I hope you’ll share it with us through our Print & Frames shop and let me watch our pros bring it to life for you. If only so it might in turn inspire me like the work of our Creative Community so often does!

What fuels your creative soul? How do you overcome your creative blocks? Everyone has a different trick to get back on track, we want to know yours. Add your thoughts in the comments below or post one of your creations to your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #FramingJoy so we can all revel in your inspiration. Like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest for more motivation and encouragement to feed your spirit.