Operation DIY: Frame Décor

March 22, 2018 / Decorate, Create, DIY,

Gif of Dinosaur Frame Art Decoration

Even the most impeccably decorated rooms can feel like they’re missing that one extra little flourish on the wall. If you’ve ever looked around your space, wondering what could be that cherry on top of the sweetest set up, we know how you feel.

Instead of scouring the internet for that perfectly designed piece that matches your vision, why not make something personal to you? That’s exactly what we had in mind for this edition of Operation DIY. You can take this idea and run with it, making something unique that you can be sure no one else will have on their wall.

This is an easy and FAST project (seriously, it will take you 30-60 minutes) that will add a little pop of color and flair to any style. In fact, we’ve got two, count ‘em, TWO variations on this project that illustrate how you can easily use this to represent your hobbies, showcase your collectibles, and honor the things you love.

From Elegant Chic to Effortless Cool

Whether you want to wow your company or your kids, we’ve got an example for each!

Decorated Picture Frame in Dining Room

An accessorized floral frame can add some graceful flower power to any living space.

Picture Frame Decorated with Toy Dinosaurs

Your dino-mite kid will get a kick out of this cool blue frame décor.

The Goods to Get Going

Supplies for Frame Decor Project

You can follow our lead and go for a frame with prehistoric punch or do your own thing. Here’s the essentials of what you’ll need to get this project up in your home.

  • Frame: We used two of our Unfinished Wood Frames (UW7 for Dinos & UW5 for Floral). However, you can use ANY unused frame you have lying around for this.
  • Spray Paint: Any color, any type. We used KRYLON Tidal Blue (w/ Chalky Finish) for the Dinos & KRYLON Caramel Latte (w/ Brushed Metallic Finish) for the Floral.
  • Décor: This is a great way to UPCYCLE! We bought a few toy dinosaurs from a local craft store, but you may have some toys around the house that your kid doesn’t play with anymore that you could use.
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Ready? Let's Do This.

Toy Dinosaurs on Unfinished Picture Frame

1. Layout Your Design

Perhaps the most crucial part is to set up your décor on the frame before you set it in glue. Visualizing your finished product will ensure you don’t have to do some messy reworking and risk damaging the frame or décor.

Placing Decorations on Picture Frame

2. Glue Your Heart Out

Depending on your items, you may need to use a generous portion of glue to keep them on. Some of our dino friends were a bit hefty, so make sure you’ve got a solid dab of glue underneath them to hold them on.

Spray Paint on a Picture Frame

3. Spray it, Don't Say it

Here’s the fun part. Live out your own graffiti fantasy and let that can of spray paint fly. Our chalky Tidal Blue paint only needed a single coat to outfit our dinos with new digs. But the Caramel Latte needed a second coat of paint to really get the right look.

Spray Painting an Unfinished Picture Frame

Note: if you have some complex décor, you may need to get detailed with your paint. Don’t be afraid to spray generously, but keep it as even of a coating as possible.

Painted Picture Frame with Toy Dinosaurs

4. The Rest of the Story

Spray paint dries fairly quickly, but give it a good hour to dry to be safe. Clean off any stray glue strings, make sure you’re not missing paint anywhere and voilà, you’re ready to hang your fun new accent frame. Give yourself a round of applause!

Bonus Round

If you’re wondering what to put inside this snazzy new frame you’ve made, the possibilities are endless. This frame will easily enliven any photo or print, but try using one that stays in theme with the décor (IE – your child playing with some dino buddies!). You can also frame a mirror, a painting, or simply hang it on the wall all by its awesome self.

Wasn’t that a breeze?! Now you’ve got a true-to-you piece to fill that missing place on your wall.

Got your new frame hanging up? Show that thing off. Post it on social and tag it with the hashtag #framingjoy so we can see your version of this playful craft.