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Trend Alert: How to Decorate with Color

May 16, 2018

Trend Alert: How to Decorate With Color

May 16, 2018 / Buzz, Decorate, Learn

Picture yourself back in the day, staring at a box of crayons with your wild, childhood imagination and being too excited about each color to choose one. Fast forward to today, and the modern color trend might have you feeling the exact same way. Bold and bright is in fashion and you could see it everywhere you looked at the recent High Point Furniture Market (HPFM). That’s because inspiration abounds when you consider the potential of decorating with color.

But as they say, too much of a good thing is probably a bad thing. While now may be the perfect time to color outside the lines, it’s still best to know where to start when you want to add some pops of color to your room. So, sit back, tap into that child-like hype again, grab a Crayon to take notes (because why not?), and check out these tips for how to decorate with color.

Tell a Story

Wall Collage Office

If a room is decorated well, you can read it like a book. There are main characters, an engaging theme, and occasionally, a juicy plot twist! Try thinking of your space the same way. Do you have a beloved piece you want to showcase? Make it the star by building a supporting cast of complimentary colors around it. If you have a favorite color, turn it into a bedtime story by making it the central theme of your bedroom.

You may have a space that already has a fine tale to tell. Try reading the room and adding to what it’s already saying. Have a room that’s flooded with natural light? Add some dark accents and shading elements to show the contrast of light and dark. Maybe you love the clean, neutral tone of a room. Change out accent pieces to highlight the seasons throughout the year. Using what your room is already made for is a great way to save time and budget, as well as stay on the modern page.

Go Blue

Wall Collage Custom Blue Frames

The hottest trend right now is the coolest color. We’re over the moon for blue and its many variations – specifically teal, turquoise, peacock and navy blue. These have been prominent at the recent HPFMs and the oceanic potential of blue has it making serious waves in décor. You might think of it as too dark or gloomy of a color, but there’s actual psychological science behind it that shows it evokes a sense of calmness or serenity.

Blue has a versatility not many colors have. It works as a neutral in the same way as a gray, white or taupe. But it also can be a bold accent when paired with a neutral. Say what? I’m not done. Blue can even work well when paired with itself! Yep, a dark navy neutral base works wonders with a blue frame, for instance. If that just blue your mind, don’t be afraid to try a blue-themed room.

And while it may be a trend setter right now, it’s good to remember that blue really is a timeless color. Pairing navy blue with a white neutral produces a classic look that’s been in style for centuries. Think of the famous willow ceramic pattern made popular in the 18th century. So, going blue will not only surprise you with its modern sensibility, but it will also fill your scene with enduring energy.

Start Clean

Print in Custom White Frame in Living Room

There’s something both exciting and nerve-racking about staring at a blank canvas. A lot of Artists will tell you that somewhere in that tension is where art happens. And it’s true. The best place to start with your space might be with a clean, white template. White is another color that’s classic, but always on trend. It’s a great tool to wield when decorating because you can use it to simplify or embolden the room.

When you want a bright space, there’s nothing quite like a crisp, bright white to fill the room with a satisfying lightness. By starting with white, you can gradually tone down the brightness with dark accents. On the flip side, white accents, like one of our white frame featured on a HGTV issue, can help you brighten a room filled with deep hues. But if you’re totally unsure of where to begin, try starting with a light, clean canvas and start riffing with your favorite color from there.

Rock with Metal

Metal Prints in Living Room

Wait, isn’t this about color? Yes! The natural, shimmery colors in metal are on trend right now, allowing you to bring an organic color palette into your space (and maybe a little bit of edge). Need a neutral accent piece against a deep colored wall? Try a shiny silver metal frame , that will get out of the way like a gray, but add more light through its reflection. Looking for a center piece for your living room? Consider a coffee table made of mixed metals, which is a colorful furniture type currently in fashion.

Metals also add an element of texture to your space when decorating with items made of hand-hammered tins, brushed aluminums, or antique bronzes (also one of the hottest trends right now according to the HPFM). The darker shades of those awesome dints, lines and grooves give your space added depth. Plus, metals can enhance colors in exciting ways. Metal prints make for tangible, eye-popping works of art. And if you want the texture but need more oomph, try a vibrant metal frame to really up the ante. You simply can’t not rock when you tune your space to the metal trend.

Speak with an Accent


Want your space to speak volumes? Well, you don’t have to go heavy on color to crank it to eleven. A single accent color placed just right can totally transform a room and demand your eye’s focus like an A-list celebrity. For instance, you might love your clean, white kitchen but feel like it’s missing something. Try painting just the outside wall of your island with a brilliant, solid color, and see if doesn’t add just the right touch of drama.

You also may not have the budget to go through an entire makeover of a room. Good news- you probably don’t need to. Pick a vibrant hue that compliments the room and start adding accessories of that color around the room. These could be items like tabletop frames, lamps, pillows, art and more. The key is – don’t be shy! Seriously. The bolder you are, the louder your room will speak.

Is your space bursting with color? Did you add some bright pops to a space like a kid cut loose with a box of Crayons? Show us! Tag us on social with #framingjoy because we’d love to see your trendy new spaces.

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