Trends of Fall 2017 High Point Furniture Market

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Here at we are lucky to call High Point, North Carolina our home base. A small town, making up one third of the Piedmont Triad that is known, quite famously, for being the furniture capital of the world! Twice a year, the greatest minds and makers in the furniture and home décor space flock to our provincial corner of North Carolina for Furniture Market, to peruse the season’s offering and make purchases for shops and design clients across the world.

So I took the opportunity to join in the fun and report back to our own incredible community of Creators what I learned and discovered? Here are the trends I spotted at the Fall 2017 High Point Furniture Market:


Beyond any specific color or style emerging, one overwhelming insight that revealed itself during this market is texture is key in trending design right now. With the continuing popularity of neutral color palettes designers are looking to add character with yarns, resins, gessos, and naturally textured materials, rather than big, bold color. You can find this in extra fringe detailing an arm chair or patterned sideboards. Daring to mix and max textures is the new bold way to create depth and sophistication in a space.

oly studio showroom furniture market 2017

Oly Studio Showroom at High Point Furniture Market

In the showroom above there are differing textures in almost every piece of furniture.  The lighting, mirror molding, small round table, wardrobe,  and even the railing caught in the bottom right corner, all add depth and feeling to the showroom to balance out the crisp, monochrome shades of white.



In keeping with the neutral palettes, overall the most present color tone is somewhat chalky or what I have termed “plaster-y.” Not to be confused with pastel! But more in the vein of a muted take on jewel tones. This trend seems to rise out of the popularity of classic, clean whites and adds texture almost within a color. It is as if the pops of color were muted down to fit better within a neutral space.

highland house showroom furniture market green

Note the chalky, muted tones of the green in this showroom by Highland House


Thomasville Furniture showroom grays furniture market

There is a chalk, plaster texture to the sectional, coffee table, and artwork in this Thomasville Furniture Showroom

But, market is not completely devoid of color! Where colors do pop, there are a few shades reigning supreme:


Navy was used frequently to bring some contrast and dimensions to heavily white spaces. It’s a sophisticated, pretty pop of color without veering way out of minimalist, monochrome design.

henredon furniture high point furniture market navy

Pops of navy in the Henredon Furniture Showroom


Drexel Showroom Furniture market high point navy white

Navy of a few different shades balancing the white in this Drexel Furniture showroom



The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery, seems to be having a lasting affect. Similarly employed as a way to add accents and pops of colors to a space, rich forest greens and warm, almost gold olive tones feature heavily in pillows, rugs, and more.

green thomasville furniture market high point

Green accents in a Thomasville Furniture space


Highland House high point furniture market showroom

In an even bolder accent, Highland House accents this showroom with a warm olive, almost gold wall.



I can’t say I’m surprised, as it seems gray has truly infiltrated all of interior design of late. Perhaps because it is quite literally the gray area between the stark whites and blacks that are also popular in minimalist design, it is a softer choice that still looks clean but provides contrast to modern, monochrome design.

gray accent keffie lancaster

Gray furniture and art accenting a space captured by designer Keffie Lancaster



Now for my favorite part, the trends emerging in popular wall décor! I’ll admit I’m a little biased, but checking out what’s happening on the walls of showrooms is what excites me most!


Much of the art I saw was very simple and clean. The minimalist style has carried over into wall décor. Lots of white space, large white borders, and simple, abstract line work.

line drawing art drexel furniture

Simple line drawing with large white mat in the Drexel Furniture showroom


minimalist gallery wall high point furniture market four hands

Minimalist gallery wall with plenty of white space in the Four Hands showroom


Also a lot of the art suggests motion, movement, life. Beyond abstract lines, curves and swirls, this motion is also built by motifs of wildlife. Dramatic photography of wildlife, people and performers in motion added drama and depth to many of the beautiful spaces I saw.

wendover art group black and white drama high point furniture market

Motion, drama, and depth created by heavily contrasted black and white imagery in the Wendover Art Group showroom


I could hardly believe how much multiples have taken showroom walls by storm! Splitting a piece of art into two, three, or even many more frames arranged side by side with no space in between has become, seemingly, the new gallery wall.


Ocean inspired triptych


zoe bios creative mauve weave triptych

Mauve Weave Triptych by Zoe Bios Creative in their showroom


Finally, if you’re looking for an easy way to mix metals in your space. Incorporating metallic or gold-leafed art pieces is a new popular way to add a little luster!

KOKET gold flower high point furniture market

Gorgeous gold floral art piece by KOKET in their showroom


drexel furniture mixed metal art

Gold leafing on this modern, geometric paired with subtle silver leafing on this statement couch in the Drexel Furniture showroom

Did you attend the High Point Furniture Market this month? What trends did you notice? Were they different from ours?

If you didn’t attend, what do you think of these trends? Will you be incorporating some of these trends and ideas into your art and decorating in the coming months? Let me know in the comments.


Written by Roominate contibutor, Sarah.

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