Bohemian-Style Picture Frames

Bohemian-Style Picture Frames

Make it Personal, Chic & Unique

Take your décor to new heights with a vast selection of boho wall frames, thoughtfully handmade for uniqueness and quality.
Whether ornate, antique, or rustic, bohemian picture frames are a great way to make your space shine – with all the difference-making details.

  1. French Teal Wood Picture Frame BP11
    starting at $31.58 Special Price $25.26
    5 Star & Up
  2. Rustic Dark Wood Picture Frame OLC2
    starting at $39.54 Special Price $19.77
    4 Star & Up
  3. Sunflower Yellow Wood Picture Frame BP4
    starting at $31.58 Special Price $25.26
    3 Star & Up
  4. Weathered Red Barnwood Picture Frame KBM6
    starting at $67.38 Special Price $40.43

Why Bohemian?

This trending style is a great way to add a little “you” to your space. Bold patterns, prints, and colors combine to create a cosmopolitan look and feel, meshing pieces that resonate with you to create your own vibe. A contrasting yet harmonious style, bohemian home décor mixes and matches with ease while making home feel a little more like home. (Visit the “bohemian” section in our 2022 décor blog for more!)

Unique Styles to Choose From

Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a wide profile, intricate details, or contrasting colors, we carry a thoughtfully curated selection of bohemian-style picture frames. Enhance a more neutral area in your home or emphasize a loved piece of art – we have all the styles you need to accentuate and perfect your space.

How to Frame Boho Styles

The options are limitless when it comes to bohemian décor. But if you want a little guidance: start by trying to pair the more subtle colors found in the patterns with your picture frame and then explore colors that contrast in an eye-catching way. What shapes are found in the visual? You can compare & contrast to those as well. Even an ornate picture frame by itself will catch intrigue! Whichever way you decide to mix and match, there’s really no right or wrong, just style that’s you.